'Natural Daegu', the rising city of eco-tourism

Daegu Metropolitan City
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DAEGU, South Korea, June 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The city of Daegu is celebrating '2020-the year of Tourism in Daegu and Gyeongbuk' by creating the new brand 'Natural Daegu' to appeal its tourism resources for domestic and international tourists. Natural Daegu is a part of Daegu city's 3-culture (Gaya, Silla, and Confucianism) tourism development project that was first launched in 2017; the new brand aims to position the natural resources of Daegu as a tourism asset.

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Daegu has been popular as the center of Korea's modern arts and culture, and one of the best cities for lifestyle and urban tourism. For example, there are Kim Gwangseok-gil Street, decorated with murals that are dedicated to the songs and life of the late singer-songwriter Kim Gwangseok, along the actual street where he grew up, and Suseongmot Lake where attractions such as yachts and Suseong Arte Land amusement park welcome the visitors on a family picnic or a date.

However, Daegu's ecological abundance is also a must-see for tourists. At Palgongsan Mountain, there are cherry blossoms in the spring, fall foliage in the autumn, and snowscapes in the winter, presenting a magnificent view all year. At Biseulsan Mountain, one can meet the historic temples and monuments, rare wildflowers, and the panorama of Daegu's scenic nature. The ancient tombs in Bullo-dong, where the large scaled tombs from the Three Kingdoms Period lay along the hills, are recommended for photo shoots. The sunset along the trees that quietly stand over the tombs is a sight not to be missed.

Dalseong Marsh, known as "The Cradle of Ecological Resources", and the Hajungdo Islet on Geumhogang River, where one can enjoy seasonal wildflowers in the beautiful scenery, are also frequented by the tourist. There are many ecological tourism attractions that exhibit the harmony of culture and the nature, such as beautifully designed The ARC building, and Nakdonggang River Eco Tour paths where one can learn and identify animals and plants that inhabit the river.




Landing directly to Daegu International Airport is the easiest way to get to Daegu.

There are many direct flights from Mainland China, Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam and other Asian regions to Daegu. It only takes about 2 hours from Shanghai and Beijing to get to Daegu.

Trendy urban scenery with the backdrop of pristine nature of Daegu, the city of ecological tourism, will present unforgettable experiences and relaxation.






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