"VHOOP" from Virfit, the World's first smart hula-hoop with IoT function.

Virfit Corp.
2019-08-01 18:16 1466
  • Working with smartphone application
  • Successfully pre-launched in Europe with Bodyhoop (, European exclusive distributor

SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Virfit has participated in FIBO (Global Fitness Trade show in Cologne, Germany) in April, this year, and got a lot of attention during the show. In July, VHOOP has been pre-launched successfully with Bodyhoop ( in Europe who has signed an exclusive distributor contract for Europe during the FIBO.

Smart hula-hoop, VHOOP from Virfit enables to real time monitor for your exercise connecting to VHOOP app on your smartphone. After official launch in Europe, Virfit is planning to have new functions on app which enables to users input their body size and update it to see their progress. Also there will be added community function so all VHOOP users can share their experience and knowledge with each other.

Exercising data is recorded daily, weekly and monthly. All VHOOP users are ranked in the world ranking chart, this encourages users to work out every day. VHOOP hula-hoop itself is a fitness or weighted hula-hoop for adults and has mature sizes. The special model invites users to strengthen their abs and core, while providing a connective tissue massage on crucial spots.

Virfit will supply some work out videos in app where various exercises are introduced using VHOOP.

Mr. Yoon Moohyun who is CEO from Virfit said, "We keep working on smart home-training tools like hula-hoop and try to make a solution that encourage people to exercise continually while enjoying exercise based on smart function."

Virfit is Smart Fitness Solution Company and manufacturer of VHOOP.
VHOOP has started with Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform in the USA, in July 2017. is working on the official launch in Europe to ensure that Europeans will be able to purchase their VHOOP soon. The VHOOP application is to be downloaded free of charge on Android and Apple devices.

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