2019 Ancient Castle Dialogue Between East and West Held in Jincheng, Shanxi Province

2019-09-10 11:31 1440

JINCHENG, China, Sept. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Sponsored by the Jincheng Culture and Tourism Bureau and organized by China National Travel magazine, the 2019 Ancient Castle Dialogue Between East and West was hosted September 6-8. The purpose of the dialogue was to discuss the means of protecting and developing cultural heritage as well as exchanging information on the preservation of ancient castles between countries in Asia and Europe.

Jincheng, known as China's "City of Ancient Castles", has one of the most unique and beautiful ancient castle clusters in the world. Known as the Taihang castles, the cluster is made up of 117 castles and provides the city of Jincheng with a wealth of ancient heritage and pride. Having such a unique feature made Jincheng the perfect host city for an event focused on the upkeep of castles and their historical significance to various countries around the world.

The diplomats of the embassies of Lithuania, Hungary, and Ukraine, UNWTO experts, domestic specialists in relevant fields, and representatives of ancient castles attended the dialogue to both educate attendees on various aspects of ancient castles as well as discuss the present and future of the field. During the dialogue, Jincheng Municipal Government and the countries of Europe reached a consensus on ancient castle cultural exchange and jointly announced the "Jincheng Manifesto". This manifesto marks a first step in the exchange between Europe and China in the field of castle preservation and education.

Themed "Common Mission, Eternal Friendship", the dialogue succeeded in bringing together representatives from multiple countries and castle traditions to better determine how to safeguard, develop, and pass down culturally significant architecture and other forms of legacy.

Source: China National Travel magazine