2020 ARTIZ freezes the moments of beauty with a pictorial style, and opens a new chapter in fashion

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2020-12-17 23:34 385

SHANGHAI, Dec. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Artiz Studio's 2020 ARTIZ and 2021SS New Series Release Conference was magnificently launched on December 11, 2020. The event has not only unveiled the mystery of New Year's fashion color for wedding dress, but also led the future trend of the industry to jump out of the circle and make bold crossover. That night, a number of fashion celebrities were attracted to be present, jointly witnessing Artiz Studio's highlights.

Artiz Studio joined hands with Yang Zi, a star stylist, to release new 2021S/S pictorial style series [voted by Yang Zi]. As one of the highlights, the Release Conference launched the new pictorial series, which were indeed amazing. <Blooming>, its series of main scenes, is a pictorial of "fantasy painting of a maiden and flowers", symbolizing the frozen blooming beauty of damsels; <Yellow Mood> chose bright yellow, the fashion color for 2021, as the keynote to perfectly recreate the fascinating Caribbean breeze with fresh palm leaf smell, casual and comfortable. Artiz Studio has integrated the fashionable pictorial style into the perfect wedding photography, interpreted the beauty of nature in gestures and expressions, brought the emotion of jump into the lens and zoomed in infinitely, frozen the moments of beauty, and presented the sense of fashion in a more nifty way.

Created by Artiz team and Liu Zongyuan, a star photographer, the new pictorial series has pioneered the wedding photography industry, served as the works of crossover between wedding photography and commercial photography, and also been the most convincing confrontation of retro and fashion. Artiz Studio has always injected fashion and young blood into products, discovered new fashion, and explored new trends. There was also a well-built immersive art exhibition, which presented the scenes and the stories behind the creation in the 2020 series of "Yang Zi's Choice" by means of suspended gallery. The top location of special pictorial style was also the most popular area in the site of activity.

That night, Yang Zi appeared in Galleria Sky City wearing a princess dress of GRACEKELLY brand . When talking about this experience as a star stylist, she said, "Unlike other commercial co-productions in the past, I am experiencing the Artiz Studio more like an ordinary customer: the fantasy of <PURPLE>, the nobility of <THE QUEEN>, and the casualness of new pictorial series. No matter what style you like, Artiz Studio can help you with it."

Surrounded by 270° panoramic light effect, Artiz Studio joined hands with GraceKelly to launch 2021 New Fashion Show, which was a dream show and showed the 2021 wedding fashion trend. Created by Lee Seung Jin, South Korea's top wedding dress designer, Flora, with the name of Goddess of Flowers and Prosperity, will bring you into the fragrant FLORA GARDEN and feel the brilliant crystal and the delicate beads. The luxurious and dazzling wedding dress has fused Lee Seung Jin's unique beading technique with flower elements. When the soft and fine gauze embroidery meets the crystal beads and diamond, they will create a fashion feast with perfect combination of inspiration and creativity.

In recent years, Artiz Studio has made frequent crossover with major brands, and this year, joined hands with Lifestyle to work out the most popular "Artiz Fashion's Night Out". In the Galleria-designed hall full of creativity, the atmosphere of fashion, aestheticism and art is spreading quietly: Working with TWG TEA, known as "Hermes of the tea world", it presented a Tea House with a full sense of ceremony, where delicate tea break, poetic space, fashion and scented tea ignited the sparks of contemplation. The infinite artistic inspiration from the collision with Nars, a new generation of fashion cosmetics brand, has enabled exclusive pictorial style makeup custom-made for the 2021 new pictorial series, and even set up a "Star Dressing Room" on the scene to provide makeup experience for site guests. In addition, Artiz Studio has carried out crossover with Lotus, one of the world's top three sports car manufacturers, created the fabulous charm of wedding dress and sports car in the Sky City, and interpreted the new sweet and cool look of generation Z. This year, Artiz Studio has fully upgraded its brand, initiated out of the circle, and shown the height and vision of its brand to the outside world.

2020ARTIZ raised the curtain in Hangzhou Galleria Sky City, the "Garden of Eden" in the heart of countless brides-to-be. Galleria is synonymous with fashion, youth and high-end wedding art in China, and the atmosphere of art permeated everywhere in this hall that had created countless legendary weddings.

As the NO.1 brand in the wedding photography industry among the post-1995 generation, Artiz Studio is always leading the pace of wedding photography fashion, and has reached cooperation with more than 200 stars at home and abroad since its inception. The brand has created <Alice Garden> with Guan Xiaotong, <Artiz Pairs> with Qin Lan, and <Dream> with Wu Xin, bringing new surprises every time. From Paris, Los Angeles, Jakarta, Singapore to Shanghai, Artiz Studio is building dreams for young people around the world with the first-class brand standards and services.

Source: Artiz Studio