2020 Yibin International Marathon Will be Held in May Next Year

YIBIN, China, Nov. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On November 23th, the organizing committee invited hundreds of marathon elites to participate the race. 2019 Yibin International Marathon Elite Test is pre-test of the 2020 Yibin International Marathon. After the race, most of athletes responded that they had a good experience of the game: The scenery along the river of the city is beautiful and the track which filled with wine is a special experience for participants.

2020 Yibin International Marathon Will be Held in May 2020
2020 Yibin International Marathon Will be Held in May 2020

2020 Yibin International Marathon will be held in May next year and the registration had be opened on November 24th . There is a bright pearl inlaid at the intersection of the Jinsha River, Minjiang River and Yangtze River. It's Yibin, the first city along the Yangtze River and the capital of liquor in China. Yibin is the starting point of the Southern Silk Road, known as the "Southwest Banbi Goujon state" in the world. It has 40,000 years of history, carries more than 3,000 years of brewing history, the city built 2780 years of history, is the earliest development of the Yangtze River upper reaches of the ancient cities, which shaped Yibin inclusive, open and liberal, advocating freedom and the pursuit of truth and the spirit of temperament, which is the soul of river culture.

Yibin, a world-famous eco-friendly landscape city in upper reaches of the Yangtze River, boasts 34 world-level, national-level and provincial-level scenic attractions including South Sichuan Bamboo Sea, Xingwen Stone Forest, Xijiashan Ancient Folk Houses, Lizhuang Ancient Town and Suspended Coffins of the Aboriginal Tribe "Bo." It's also a top tourist city of China, a best cultural ecological tourist city of China and one of Sichuan's five best tourist destinations.

Besides, participants can try dishes from Yibin. Here are three most popular dishes: Yibin Noodles, Lizhuang Pork with Garlic and Naxi Tofu. In June 2011, Yibin Noodles was selected for the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Sichuan. Lizhuang Pork with Garlic has become an international food brand. Nanxi Tofu is a famous specialty in Nanxi. Historical celebrities such as Dufu, Censhen, Luyou came to Yibin to take Nanxi tofu as a serving. Here is the hometown of world-known liquor Wuliangye, where the legend of "Yibin liquor is the best-in-class in Sichuan, where the best liquor is made" is derived from its 4000-year liquor-brewing history and non-replicable ecological environment at the same altitude.

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Source: 2020 Yibin International Marathon Organizing Committee