2nd Ehime Fair Set to Take Place at Supermarket Yumaowu in Taiwan; Matsuyama-Taipei Flight Starts on July 18; Come Learn about Now Easily Accessible Ehime

2019-07-22 13:00 1587

MATSUYAMA, Japan, July 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Ehime Prefecture in Japan will be showing off its various seasonal citrus and other local products at the "2nd Ehime Fair," set to take place at the high-class supermarket Yumaowu in Taichung City from August 23 (Friday) to August 25 (Sunday), 2019 (*August 23, Friday, at 5th store (Chongde Store); August 24, Saturday, and 25, Sunday, at 1st store (Gongyi Store)).

Ehime Prefecture is located in the west of Shikoku island in Japan. The prefecture has a mild climate and beautiful views of nature. Ehime is also the top producer of citrus in Japan, and its citrus has even been well received in Taiwan. Starting from July 18, the distance between Ehime and Taiwan grows ever closer as EVA Air is opening 2 roundtrip flights per week between Matsuyama Airport and Taoyuan International Airport.


The citrus that will be sold on this occasion is the Unshu Mikan variety of mandarin oranges. The Unshu Mikan selected for this event have been grown specially in a vinyl greenhouse. Normally Unshu Mikan are harvested between fall and winter, but thanks to the temperature management made possible by greenhouses, it is possible now to harvest them during summer. Compared to mandarin oranges grown out in the open, the temperature and water inside these greenhouses have been closely monitored to guarantee the highest product quality.


There will also be other products on display such as the "Global GAP" award-winning Shine Muscat grape from Tanbara High School in Saijo City, Ehime Prefecture, Mikan Juice made in Maana, Japan's top mandarin orange-producing region, and various processed foods in Ehime produced by the prefecture's local businesses. Officials of the businesses and high schoolers that produced the products will be coming to the store in person to promote what they made.

Source: Ehime Prefecture