300-Million-Yuan Income on the First Day Launch, Ping An Good Doctor's Private Doctor Recognized by the Market

2019-08-15 16:06 1504
  • Ping An Good Doctor reached comprehensive cooperation agreements with 29 enterprises, such as China Mobile Internet, BAIC Group, and China CITIC Bank.
  • On the first day of launch, total contract amount exceeded 300 million yuan.

SHANGHAI, Aug. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The world's largest online healthcare platform Ping An Healthcare and Technology Company Limited, as known as Ping An Good Doctor, held a strategy press conference to officially launch its strategic product - Ping An Good Doctor Private Doctor on 13 August in Shanghai. On the first day launching, Ping An Good Doctor has entered into strategic partnership with 29 world's leading industry giants including China Mobile Internet, BAIC Group, and China CITIC Bank, etc. The 29 enterprises operate in such industries as banking, insurance, automobile, communications, maternity, etc. and the total contract amount exceeded RMB300 million.

This private doctor service launched by Ping An Good Doctor is of epoch-making significance to both the company and the internet healthcare industry. Private doctor service allows doctors and users to smoothly complete all-round interactions, and become acquaintances who are closely connected with deep trust. Thanks to the brand-new acquaintance, doctors can track in the long run the users' health conditions and the user will be able to obtain precision, continuous and individual medical and healthcare service, breaking the "unfamiliar" relationship between doctors and patients in the traditional medical scenario.

Ping An Good Doctor has transformed from free online service to paid membership service by launching such private doctor service. In the meantime, the Chinese government is making the policy on internet healthcare service charges and reimbursement by Social Health Insurance and will officially release it according to the schedule. According to the latest research report of HSBC Securities, internet healthcare service charges and reimbursement by Social Health Insurance will benefit Ping An Good Doctor, and the Company will enjoy good prospects in the second half of this year.

First Day of Launch of Private Doctor, Ping An Good Doctor Leading the Trend of New Healthcare Era

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is extensively used in the healthcare industry these years, and people's healthcare ideas, experiences and demands have changed greatly. How to seize the first chances in the new healthcare era with "new experience, new concept, new technology, and new ecosystem" as the core? This is a question every player in the healthcare area is thinking about.

The private doctor service recently launched by Ping An Good Doctor is tailored for users based on the changes of current new technology and new idea. With characteristics of "excellence, professionalism, efficiency, management and security", Ping An Good Doctor - Private Doctor can offer all-round high-quality medical and healthcare services for children, adults, and the elderly, provide users with new experiences, and bring to users in more scenarios through the expanding "Healthcare+" ecosystem.

Ping An Good Doctor - Private Doctor currently provides users not only with such basic services as online consultation, day-to-day health management, and clinical reservation, but also all-round one-stop high-quality healthcare services including 7x24 all-time nursing, to-the-second doctor service response, one-hour to-the-door delivery of medicine, and accompanied visit to Grade III A hospitals, to users. Those quality healthcare services will not only be available to users of Ping An Good Doctor, but also benefit the broad middle class at home and abroad by way of cooperation.

Behind the quality services is the expert group of Ping An Good Doctor comprising renowned doctors in the respective fields from the top 100 reputable hospitals across the country. Ping An Good Doctor has established deep cooperation with 800 domestic Grade IIIA hospitals, 1,000 renowned doctors from abroad, and the world's top 10 hospitals, to ensure handy and accurate medical service to users across the globe.

"Milestone" leap forward to lead the industry into the "fast and steady" development stage

Those who embrace changes will always win, which is no exception in any area. The launch of Ping An Good Doctor - Private Doctor represents the endless courage of Ping An Good Doctor in exploring the future of internet healthcare and a milestone in the global internet healthcare industry.

As we all know, China has introduced a number of important documents in recent years to encourage internet healthcare development and solve the current supply-side issues. The Key Tasks for Deepening the Reform of the Medical and Healthcare System in 2019 released this June shows that the internet healthcare is expected to be officially included in the reimbursement by Social Health Insurance, and demonstrates China's resolution to develop the internet healthcare. Under such background, China's internet healthcare industry will usher in another round of great development.

And who can be the "bellwether" of the industry to lead the industry towards a healthier and more orderly direction under such circumstances? Ping An Good Doctor reaffirms its industry leadership by launching the private doctor service. The service does not only herald that paid membership service is a future industry trend, but also indicates that such service has already been possible.

On the other hand, the "Healthcare+" ecosystem of Ping An Good Doctor is further expanded through the private doctor service. Most of the 29 partners are not "old friends" of Ping An Good Doctor, but are in broader and more diversified industries, including automobile, communication, maternity, and drug retail, etc., which shows that in addition to the cooperation with third-party commercial insurance companies and financial institutions, Ping An Good Doctor is making an important expansion of its multi-channel development through such brand-new and strategic private doctor service.

Source: Ping An Good Doctor