3vjia Omni-Channel Sales Solutions Empower Global Housing Industry Reform

GUANGZHOU, China, July 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On July 9th, "The First Conference for Housing Industrial Internet Platform and Launch of 3vjia Total Solutions" was held at Shangri-La Hotel, in Guangzhou.

The First Conference for Housing Industrial Internet Platform and Launch of 3vjia Total Solutions
The First Conference for Housing Industrial Internet Platform and Launch of 3vjia Total Solutions

More than 1,500 housing industry professionals, leading technology representatives and well-known media were invited to the conference. Principle of China International Building Decoration Fair, Mr. Yang; Deputy Director of Expertise Committee of China National Furniture Association, Mr. Chen; the founder and CEO of 3vjia, Mr. Cai; Dean of Hardcover Residential Research Institution in Shenzhen Furniture Association, Mr. Guan; Vice President of AliCloud China, Mr. Xu; and the representative of mainstream media in housing industry, National Chief Editor of Sina, Ms. Dai, were invited to explore how to use technology to drive industrial transformation and use data to empower industrial reform in intelligent industrial era.

At the conference, the founder and CEO of 3vjia, Mr. Cai, delivered a speech on 3vjia's omni-channel sales solutions and the launch of PaaS ecological platform will empower housing industrial reform. The founder and Vice President of 3vjia, Mr. Li, analyzed the new engine of enterprises' development: interconnection of production, experience and services, such as I72 that integrates supply chain, intelligent manufactory and services. General Manager of AliCloud South China, Mr. Deng Tiecheng, presented powerful AliCloud loT interconnection technology that can safeguard data security for companies.

The highlight of the conference was the launch of AiHouse, international version of 3vjia. Therefore, foreign partners from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Pakistan, and India were invited to the conference to witness this historical moment. As a Housing Industrial Internet Platform, AiHouse owns more than ten core technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligent. Having supported more 400 housing enterprises, helped more than 500 factories to integrate design and production, covered more than one million designers, and produced more than one million design schemes per day, AiHouse is dedicated to forge global housing industrial technological ecology and to empower global housing industry through integration of design, presentation, production, supply chain and brand gallery.

Since established in 2013, AiHouse have achieved the transformation from SaaS to PaaS, from version 1.0 to version 4,0. AiHouse is improving, and will be better in the future!

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Source: Guangdong 3vjia Information Technology Co,. Ltd.