515 Fosun Family Day "Festival" - Fosun Focuses on Family Consumption, Launching Fosun Health Maintenance Organization "FHMO" Products Series

2020-05-18 11:00 3039
  • "Fosun Health +" platform was officially launched. During the trial operations, more than 50,000 doctors provided online medical consultation; Fosun Health Maintenance Organization ("FHMO") products series was released at the launch, and 10,000 doctors provided free online medical consultation for three days.
  • "Fosun Selection" provides great rewards to the family customers with plenty of limited-time offers up to 70% off and the launch of offline pop-up stores, "Fosun Infinite Happiness Company by Fosun Selection".
  • Fosun Fashion Health Masks are designed to meet the protection and fashion needs of global family consumers by maximizing its global C2M product customization capabilities and supply chain flexibility.
  • Guo Guangchang, Chairman of Fosun International, and Zhang Wenhong, Director of the Department of Infectious Diseases at Shanghai Huashan Hospital, had a dialogue on "How to live a healthy life when fighting the epidemic with regular prevention and control"; Duan Tao, Professor and Chief Physician of Shanghai First Maternal and Infant Health Hospital, shared his ideas on "Mother and child vaccines and health management in the epidemic era" in the "Fosun Health+" lecture hall.
  • Guo Guangchang, Chairman of Fosun International, said that while the epidemic has caused a huge impact on the global economy, it has also generated a lot of new market demand. Fosun proposed three consumption trends, namely "healthcare", "online" and "family". We hope that the "515 Fosun Family Day" can lead a new way of healthy and happy life for families.

SHANGHAI, May 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On 15 May 2020, Fosun International held a special event on "515 Fosun Family Day" in Shanghai, announcing that "515 Fosun Family Day" will become an annual rewards day for Fosun members products and a series of products and services among ONE Fosun brands such as online medical and health platform "Fosun Health+", Fosun Health Maintenance Organization 'FHMO and Fosun Fashion Health Mask, etc., have been officially launched on that day.

At present, the novel Coronavirus epidemic is under effective control in China. Business operations and social life have been restored. After the epidemic, there is a pressing public's need for health and happiness. To actively respond to the "Shanghai's "Double Five Shopping Festival", "515 Fosun Family Day" is a C2M commercial exploration of the trends of family, healthcare, and online, in order to boost the recovery of domestic consumption.

On the night of the event, Guo Guangchang, Chairman of Fosun International, and Zhang Wenhong, Director of the Department of Infectious Diseases of Shanghai Huashan Hospital, had a dialogue on "How to live a healthy life when fighting the epidemic with regular prevention and control". Guo Guangchang said that in the early stage of the outbreak, Fosun contributed its own efforts to the containment of the epidemic through its global network and capacity in deploying resources. With everyone's efforts, the epidemic has been under regular control and prevention. The important thing now is to restore economic vitality by resuming production to help everyone return to living a normal life. Looking at how things are now, while the epidemic has caused a huge impact on the global economy, it has also generated a lot of new market demands. We hope that the "515 Fosun Family Day" can lead a new way of healthy and happy life for families.

"Fosun Health+" registered users exceed 900,000

Tens of thousands of doctors go online for three days to provide free medical consultation

In response to the increasing demand for online medical treatment from families, Fosun has developed an online medical and health platform product, "Fosun Health+", which was launched on WeChat app at the end of April.

"Fosun Health+" is a family-centric online medical and health platform that integrates domestic and global medical resources and brings together tens of thousands of doctors to upgrade the online services of Fosun's nearly 30 brick-and-mortar hospitals. It provides online health consultation and diagnosis, live broadcast of famous doctors, Fosun Health Maintenance Organization FHMO products and other online medical and health services for families.

According to the data, as of 15 May, the number of registered users of "Fosun Health+" has exceeded 900,000 during the trial operations, and more than 50,000 doctors have joined the online health consultation and free diagnosis. The platform has presented live lectures by famous doctors from 1 May, and there are more than 100 online lectures, among which there are many first-line authoritative experts at the level of academician, director and vice-director.

Chen Qiyu, Co-CEO of Fosun International, said, "Compared to other online medical platforms on the market, 'Fosun Health+' is backed by abundant and comprehensive offline medical resources, including Foshan Chancheng Central Hospital (privately-owned and ranked top in terms of competitiveness in China), Shenzhen Hengsheng Hospital, Xuzhou Mining General Hospital, Joyful Way (Zhuoerhui) Beauty Center and many medical institutions under Fosun, which are located in dozens of cities across the country.

It was announced at the event that between 15 May and 17 May, "Fosun Health+" platform will gather tens of thousands of doctors to provide free online consultations on the platform. This free consultation gathered nearly 2,500 doctors from various medical institutions of Fosun Medical Group, cooperating with doctors from a number of well-known Grade A hospitals. The number of online consultation doctors is expected to reach 10,000. Free online consultation is available on the "Fosun Health+" WeChat app platform.

It is worth mentioning that the reservation service of the new Coronavirus 2019-nCoV nucleic acid detection kit developed by Fosun Changzheng has also been successfully launched on "Fosun Health+", YYB medical, BabyTree, Stardoctor, and Baihe Jiayuan platforms. It can provide the public with nationwide new Coronavirus nucleic acid testing services. Previously, Fosun's new Coronavirus nucleic acid detection kit passed the emergency approval of the National Medical Products Administration. It obtained the European Union CE approval and the U.S. FDA emergency use authorization (EUA).

Fosun Health Maintenance Organization (FHMO) Officially Launched

Family health management enters the 2.0 era

As the featured product of this year's 515 Fosun Family Day, Fosun Health Maintenance Organization, FHMO, was officially released on that day, and it is expected to be officially launched on "Fosun Health+" in June this year. FHMO will help to solve the pain points of modern families on health management, providing one-stop health management services for families both online and offline, helping users to gradually transform their health management model to prevent diseases before they become ill.

FHMO is a health management system built by Fosun for a billion family users around the world, utilizing its resource and product capabilities in the healthcare business. It includes three major products, which are Fosun Health + Family Doctor Plan, Fosun Health + Membership, and Fosun Health + Enterprise Cloud Clinics.

At the event, Guo Guangchang connected online with the Wuhan BFC Fosun Bund Center to express his support and care to Fosun staff who have been fighting the epidemic in Wuhan at the frontline, and also witnessed the issue of the first "Fosun Health + Membership Rewards Card" to Wuhan BFC customer. The cardholder will be able to enjoy the annual green channel service of 525 Grade A hospitals in 38 cities across the country without limitation, as well as online consultation with maternal and infant experts, medical benefits of high-end medical institutions, women's cervical health screening service, parent-child sports experience, etc., a variety of family health gifts from ONE Fosun ecosystems.

At the same time, FHMO also reached a strategic cooperation with Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and Yongda Group on the same day. They respectively issued "Pudong Development Bank and Fosun Health+ Co-branded Credit Card" and "Yongda and Fosun Health+ Co-branded Alliance Card" to build a healthy family and share a happy life.

Chen Qiyu said that the 'F' in FHMO represents the dual meaning of Fosun and Family. As Fosun has accumulated comprehensive health management capabilities over many years in the fields of drug research and development, medical devices, medical services, medical insurance and other fields, its FHMO can provide families with a variety of health-related product options, and integrate the C2M model into health management to gradually allows users to choose their own family health management plan, or even design one themselves..

 In response to the Shanghai "Double Five Shopping Festival"

"Fosun Selection" gives back to family customers

In order to boost consumer confidence and stimulate consumer demand, Shanghai launched the "Double Five Shopping Festival" on May 4, with 10 days of spending amounting to RMB97.7 billion, which has been extensively well-received.

In response to Shanghai's "Double Five Shopping Festival", starting from May 8, Fosun has joined hands with 28 ONE Fosun brands and launched 1,000+ Fosun good products to the market through the "Fosun Selection" WeChat app with competitive pricing, namely "Fosun Selection Prices", offering the latest innovative products and superb deals to its C-end family customers.

At the same time, "Fosun Selection" also actively cooperates with external partners to launch the "515 Fosun Family Day" on Tmall platform to gain a high online exposure, offering as low as 70%-off and limited-time special items at RMB5.15, RMB51.5 and RMB515, satisfying family consumers' demands for health, happiness and wealth.

Xu Xiaoliang, Co-CEO of Fosun International, introduced at the event that "Fosun Selection" is a window for Fosun to showcase the good products selected by Fosun. It not only has an app-based online experience pavilion, but also offers "ONE Fosun brands plus interactive experience" under the theme of "Fosun Infinite Happiness Company" which creates a "happy moment" Internet celebrity popup store, with fun offline scenes, quality product experience and unique brand benefits, so that more families can personally experience the charm of Fosun's good products through interactions.

At the event, Hu Jun, a famous actor and Kang Keren, a new generation female entertainer, who are now at Atlantis Sanya to prepare for their new drama, hosted a livestream and connected to the event venue in Shanghai. They were at the first "Fosun Infinite Happiness Company" flash store. In the evening, three other "Fosun Infinite Happiness Company" were also officially opened in the three landmarks in Shanghai, namely Shanghai BFC, Shanghai Forte Dynamic City and Shanghai New World City. The interactive check-in experience will last for 3 days, and the event exhibition will continue until the end of May.

Xu Xiaoliang said happiness comes from the family, and the happiness of a family is inseparable from a healthy and happy life as well as wealth security. Over the past 28 years, Fosun has been creating good products centered on health, happiness and wealth. The goal is to enable all family customers to reap the happiness experience while buying good products.  

Fosun Unveils Fashion Health Mask Brand Matrix

Meeting customer needs and creating a new future for household consumption

Since the situation of the epidemic overseas remains challenging, domestic experts pointed out that the epidemic will coexist with the world for a long period of time in the future. This means that in a certain period of time in the future, face masks will become an essential item for people when going out.

After understanding the needs of the 80s and 90s family customers for the design and health requirement of protection masks, Fosun instantly integrated the Group's health and fashion resources and swiftly carried out mask design and production works. Fosun has also leveraged its centralized supply chain resources to maximize its ability to customize global C2M products, in order to create popular products to meet the protection and fashion needs of global family consumers. 

As a "popular cross-industry product" of Fosun Fashion Health Mask, the cross-brand face masks of French haute couture brand Lanvin and Fosun Foundation Art Center (Shanghai) were unveiled at the livestreaming event. Jenny Wang, Chairwoman of Fosun Foundation and Fosun Foundation Art Center (Shanghai) introduced the mask, presenting it as the most stylish and fashionable face mask which used the initial "JL" of the brand designer Jeanne Lanvin as the design pattern of the mask. The mask is crafted in Lanvin's classic blue which elevates the brand to a new level of refinement and brings fashion attributes to daily life.

During the event, a number of featured and fashionable face masks like hyaluronic acid masks, herbal-burst masks, parent-child masks, anime crossover masks, etc., produced by member companies of Fosun were displayed. Fosun Fashion Group, YOSUN Industrial Development Group, etc. have launched and promoted their face masks during the event. The face masks have fully embodied flexibility and customization in respect of filter, material, design, style and sales channel, appealing to customers who are in pursuit of trendy and fashionable lifestyle.

At present, Fosun's fashion industry includes French haute couture brand Lanvin, Austrian high-end stockings and lingerie brand Wolford, German fashion brand Tom Tailor, American haute couture women fashion brand St. John, and YOSUN Industrial Development Group have launched their own fashion and health masks. Besides, Fosun's other brands like Premier League Wolves, Atlantis Sanya, etc. have also produced their own face masks. Their masks have been widely praised by numerous corporate clients and customers.

Wang Qunbin, Co-Chairman of Fosun International, said as an innovation-driven consumer group, Fosun is committed to creating health, happiness and wealth for billions of families worldwide. The epidemic outbreak has brought transformation opportunities to several industries. Fosun is dedicated to fully optimizing its profound industry experience and resources deployment to identify the needs of families so as to overcome the crisis. Fosun is currently accelerating its ecological integration, forming a multiplier effect through the C2M model, and providing family customers with a faster, more comprehensive and more personalized happy life solution.

About Fosun

Fosun was founded in 1992. Fosun International Limited is an innovation-driven consumer group that has been listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (00656.HK) since 2007, with total assets of RMB715.7 billion (c.US$102.6 billion) as of 31 December 2019 and total revenue of RMB143.0 billion (c.US$20.7 billion) in 2019. Fosun's mission is to provide high-quality products and services for families around the world in health, happiness and wealth segments. Fosun International ranks No.416 on the 2019 Forbes Global 2000 List.

515 Fosun Family Day

"515 Fosun Family Day" is an annual special campaign held by Fosun, jointly with its brands of various ecosystems, to reward a large number of family customers. The campaign aims to interact with customers with the latest technology and innovative products and intensive promotions, thereby satisfying the consumption demands of families in the health, happiness and wealth businesses and creating impactful happy experience both online and offline for every family. Through the "515 Fosun Family Day" campaign, Fosun aspires to arouse attention to family life and love for their families and establish a new sensation of harmonious and happy family life for society.

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