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Appreciate Snow Landscape in Northland in Winter

2017-12-26 11:01
-The "Crown of Ice and Snow" Tourism Resources Present Northland Treasure

BEIJING, Dec. 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Hailed as the "City of Ice", Haerbin, the provincial capital of Heilongjiang, hosts the Haerbin International Ice and Snow Festival, the world's largest ice and snow event that opens on January 5 every year, where visitors can appreciate the top ice and snow art in China. Visitors can also see the world's largest ice and snow theme park, which houses magnificent castles, crystal clear ice sculpture buildings and awesomely creative works of art; and the world's largest snow sculpture art complex, the Haerbin Sun Island Snow Sculpture Art Expo that features aesthetic snow sculptures as originally imagined by people for the "Snow Country".

The main sculpture, called A Long Song, of the 29th Haerbin Sun Island Snow Sculpture Art Expo
The main sculpture, called A Long Song, of the 29th Haerbin Sun Island Snow Sculpture Art Expo

When it comes to Heilongjiang in winter, its 450,000-square-kilometer black land will be carpeted with white snow. Its extra-long snow fall period contributes to the world-class ski resort Yabuli, where tourists from home and abroad can "chase after each other" on the ski track connecting three mountains; and its thick snow texture helps create the most beautiful Snow Country in China, where individual dwellings form continuous snow houses, the snow-covered landscapes are shaped like mushrooms, galloping horses and cream cakes, and the snow-capped sea of forests filled with green pines together with red lanterns constitute a fabulous painting scroll of snow country.

China’s Snow Country
China’s Snow Country

The ultimate experience of "ice meeting fire" in Heilongjiang also benefits from the wealth of quality hot spring resources there, among which Lindian, Daqing, also referred to as the "Land of Hot Spring in China", boasts the most famous reputation. In addition, there are also distinctive snowfield hot springs, including Yingjie Hot Spring; Taoshanyu Hot Spring, which features jade spring pools; and Volcanic Hot and Mineral Spring, known locally for health benefits.

The long history and rich folk customs endow the winter tourism in Heilongjiang with profound cultural foundation. In winter, the huge and grand Winter Fishing Festival on the ice-bound surface of the Jingpo Lake, the world's second largest alpine barrier lake demonstrates the millennia-long fishing and hunting culture, and in combination with traditional Manchu folk experience in such programs as ice cascades and misty pines, ice diving, Shaman village, etc., it highlights the regional characteristics of ice and snow tourism.

Winter fishing activity on the Jingpo Lake
Winter fishing activity on the Jingpo Lake

Heilongjiang, spanning the farthest north and east of China, is majestic in all its variety. Mohe County, also known as Arctic Village Scenic Area, is famous for its mysterious astronomical phenomena and alpine resources, attracting batches of tourists to "look for the north and experience the cold", appreciate polar nights, and meet with polar lights. Particularly at Christmas, the Arctic Christmas Village will allow visitors to enjoy the Ice and Snow Christmas Night in an exotic atmosphere.

“Christmas Castle” at the Arctic Village in China’s Northernmost Mohe County
“Christmas Castle” at the Arctic Village in China’s Northernmost Mohe County

Strategy of "One City, Five Routes" Fine Lines that Create Winter Tourism

By integrating high quality winter tourism resources, Heilongjiang has launched ten major marketing themes, covering such aspects as Ice and Snow Art Tours, Ice and Snow Scenery Tours, Ice and Snow Sports Tours, Snowfield Hot Spring Tours, Water World Tours, Ice and Snow Folk Custom Tours, Ice and Snow Festival Tours, World Architecture Tours, Centennial Music Tours, and Ice and Snow Culinary Tours, allowing visitors to experience the winter charm of the northland in an all-round manner.

If the rich ice and snow resources are treasures, tourism routes represent the treasure maps guiding visitors in Heilongjiang. The Heilongjiang Provincial Tourism Development Commission strings together the best tourism products into a wonderful portfolio of "One City, Five Routes": Haerbin, the "Pearl on the Crown of Ice and Snow"; the beautiful snow country spanning "Haerbin-Yabuli-Snow Country/Haerbin-Moutain Fenghuang"; the mysterious ice lake with the route of "Haerbin-Hufengling Mountain-Hengdaohezi-Mudanjiang River-Jingpo Lake"; the Crane Dancing Snow Land" connecting "Haerbin-Daqing-Qiqihaer-Five Consecutive Lakes" ; the ice and snow forests crossing through "Haerbin-Tieli-Yichun-Kuerbin"; and Arctic Christmas across "Haerbin-Mohe County-Arctic Village-Arctic Christmas Village, enabling tourists to experience the snow fun in Heilongjiang, and enjoy a rewarding trip.

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Source: Heilongjiang Provincial Tourism Development Commission

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