Asia's Food Security and Agricultural Sustainability Take Center Stage at Plant Science Industry Event

CropLife Asia 2016 Annual General Meeting Convenes as Agricultural Leaders Converge on Singapore
2016-03-29 10:30 2612


SINGAPORE, March 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The CropLife Asia 2016 Annual General Meeting commenced today in Singapore, bringing together plant science industry leaders from across the continent. The yearly gathering provides a forum for attendees to engage in an in-depth discussion on regional food security, agricultural sustainability, and the role of plant science. In light of population growth projections, these are particularly timely topics. 

While estimates indicate the world's population is set to eclipse nine billion inhabitants by the year 2050, Asia alone is projected to have one billion more people calling it home than do so today.  Within just 10 short years, an additional 60 million men, women and children will be living in the Southeast Asia region.


"Feeding more people with greater efficiency, fewer resources, and less impact to our environment is a key issue leaders worldwide are grappling with daily -- and plant science technology is a critical component of the solution to this challenge," said Tina Lawton, President of CropLife Asia.

"We take our responsibility of helping ensure food security and sustainability across the region seriously. By providing Asia's farmers with the tools and technology to mitigate these barriers, realize higher yields, and ultimately raise national productions in key commodities, our industry is having a positive impact. But make no mistake, there is much work yet to do." 

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, growers around the world will need to produce as much as 70% more food than today to meet the expected needs of our population in 2050. The innovations of plant biotechnology and crop protection continue to drive greater production globally towards the realization of this goal in the years ahead. 

Crop protection products prevent nearly 40% of global rice and maize harvests from being lost every year. Meanwhile, plant biotechnology increased crop yields 22% and increased farmer profits 68% during the 20-year period of 1995 to 2014. Over the past 50 years, plant science technologies have helped farmers realize a 283% increase on production levels. 

The 2016 Annual General Meeting also includes an opportunity for updates and strategic plans encompassing the year ahead to be shared by the international and regional CropLife organisations as well as many of the 15 national member associations across Asia which CropLife supports.

Additionally, the newly-elected Board of Directors for CropLife Asia was officially presented during the meeting. The 2016 Board consists of:

  • Ms. Tina Lawton -- President, CropLife Asia (Syngenta)
  • Mr. Jose Pina -- Vice President, CropLife Asia (Dow Agrosciences)
  • Mr. Jagresh Rana -- Treasurer, CropLife Asia (Monsanto)
  • Ms. Bethwyn Todd -- Secretary, CropLife Asia (FMC)

The CropLife Asia 2016 Annual General Meeting will conclude on Wednesday, March 30. 

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