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Autovalet Tracks 90,000 Uniforms at Okada Manila Casino

2017-09-20 08:52

FAIRFAX, Virginia, Sept. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Autovalet, the world's leading provider of automated uniform distribution systems, announced today that the Okada Manila casino resort has deployed its AutoLoad SP conveyors and DRESSCODE software.

When the resort in the Philippines' capital is fully operational, guests will be served by a workforce of 10,000 employees, each dressed in a stylish uniform -- which for some roles can cost hundreds of dollars. Providing every employee with the right uniform quickly and reliably is critical to the resort's operation, and accurately tracking where garments go is essential in preventing loss.

Autovalet installed 15 AutoLoad SP conveyors, which store employee uniforms on assigned slots. When an employee swipes their ID card, the conveyor automatically brings their slot to the access door which is then unlocked so that the employee can remove their garments.

All of Okada Manila's 90,000-plus uniforms are fitted with washable RFID chips that are automatically scanned by readers designed and built by Autovalet. These RFID readers are mounted on the conveyors and behind the drop-off bins for soiled uniforms. Additional table-top readers allow operators to add or delete inventory and assign uniforms to individual employees.

Autovalet's DRESSCODE software manages the entire system and tracks the uniforms as they are issued to employees and sent for cleaning -- providing real-time updates of the location of each item.

"The integration of the conveyors, RFID technology and software in one package makes tracking and managing our inventory very simple," said Robert Scott, Okada Manila's Director of Wardrobe.

The uniform management system is maintained by Autovalet's local agent, Technolux, whose engineers also support dozens of Autovalet machines installed in other Manila casinos, such as Solaire, City of Dreams, Winford and Resorts World.

"Efficiently tracking and distributing uniforms for a workforce this large is nearly impossible using a manual approach," said Autovalet Director John Varley. "Okada Manila have been able to leverage our automated solution to reduce labor costs and prevent loss. This deployment at Okada Manila is another example of the power of RFID and our DRESSCODE software when it comes to efficiently managing uniform inventories."

Autovalet will demonstrate its full range of uniform and textile management solutions at the upcoming Texcare Asia Trade Show & Conference in Shanghai on September 27-29, 2017.

About Autovalet

Autovalet is the world's leading provider of automated tracking and distribution systems for scrubs, uniforms and linen. Working with hospitals, hotels and casinos, Autovalet builds RFID readers specially to work with its flagship DRESSCODE™ software to protect inventory, track usage and save labor. For more information on Autovalet visit

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