Chengdu to Host China Traveler's Forum

Helping to make Chengdu a tourist hotspot
Chengdu Culture & Tourism Development Group L.L.C.
2015-12-11 16:41 2922

CHENGDU, China, Dec. 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Already famous as a leisure destination, the reputation of cosmopolitan Chengdu will receive another boost in March 2016, as it hosts the China Traveler's Forum (CTF), the largest of its kind in the world, in conjunction with C-Trip Travel Wiki.

Global Travellers - Chengdu Challenge: Many travelers come to meet in Chengdu
Global Travellers - Chengdu Challenge: Many travelers come to meet in Chengdu

Over a thousand expert travelers from around the world to meet in Chengdu

The China Traveler's Forum is the largest tourism-related forum in the world, and combines the ranking of worldwide tourist destinations, celebrity tourist meet-and-greets, city tourism competitions and more. Following successes in Shanghai and Lijiang, organizer C-Trip Travel Wiki has chosen Chengdu for the third installment of CTF.

In order to ensure a successful CTF next March in Chengdu, activities including the worldwide tourist destination ranking have already begun in earnest. The International Traveler Challenge has also opened for registration in the five leading sources of cross-boundary travelers to Chengdu: Hong Kong SAR, Singapore, the UK, the USA and Australia.

Five representatives from different demographics will be selected, and invited to complete challenges including Old Town Discovery, meditation, panda care, cultural studies and Spicy Revolution, as part of five separate itineraries taking in some of the more famous tourist sites around Chengdu.

In the words of the organizers: "One lucky contestant will be selected at random every four days, and a total of five contestants will bring their own team of assistants to Chengdu to experience the five itineraries we have created." After arriving in Chengdu, they will embark on a 3-day, 2-night travel experience, which will be recorded and edited to create a reality show, available for viewing and voting via the event website. The contestant with the most votes will become the winner of the International Traveler Challenge.

The experiences of the five International Expert Travelers will be available for viewing and judgement by 250 million C-Trip members via the C-trip platform. Contestants will also be able to use social media to attract more viewers and thus more votes, with potential for content to go viral, strengthening the Chengdu brand in the eyes of tourists the world over. From registration right through to final judging, the International Expert Traveler Challenge will provide excellent product placement for the various tourism products that Chengdu has to offer.

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Source: Chengdu Culture & Tourism Development Group L.L.C.