Chinese Baijiu Much-favored by Youth Enters Thai Market

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CHONGQING, China, Sept. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Speaking of well-known Chinese brands, distilled spirit brand Joybo may be on the list. Highly acclaimed by Chinese young people, the brand is now entering the Thai market.

Chinese Baijiu Much-favored by Youth Enters Thai Market
Chinese Baijiu Much-favored by Youth Enters Thai Market

Since the beginning of Joybo in 2011, it received widespread attention from the society for its mindful slogans, such as "I drink all people under the table only to have a chance to whisper to you", "What I want to say most is in my eyes, in my drafts, in my dreams and in the bottle". These slogans were shared by young people on social media to express their emotions.

Before officially entering the Thai market, Joybo has held three small baijiu parties in Thailand. From August 22 to August 31, many tourists were attracted to the seaside restaurant in Phuket Island and street shops in Chiang Mai to attend the parties in a romantic foreign country, where they don't need to worry about their bosses, and have relaxing conversations. Facts proved that the pursuit of simplicity, purity, sincerity and equality is shared among young people from different countries.

Like single malt whiskey, this distilled wine also uses a single raw material -- the locally cultivated red glutinous sorghum in Chongqing, China. The taste of spiciness and stimulation particularly owned by Chinese spirits has been weakened by the improved traditional fragmenting process. Low alcohol, the liquor tastes creamy, refreshing, light and pure, which is more in line with young people's drinking habits and the international trend of wine and spirits.

In the "International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC)" held in London in the first half of 2017, four Joybo products including "Gold label", "Intimate Friend", "Joyouth" and "Se100" won the "Superior Silver Award" and "Silver Award" of the baijiu category respectively. Being the world's largest and most distinguished wine and spirits feast, the competition is known as the Oscar Awards in the wine industry.

Joybo makes a hit in China for its refreshing, light and pure taste with a simple and pure brand concept. The company hopes that young Thai people will also appreciate it as much.

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