DressLily Introduces New Buyer's Show Program and Improved Customer Service

Customers now able to show off their DressLily products
2016-08-16 17:00 1410

SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Online fashion retailer DressLily is today announcing the launch of its Buyer's Show Program, a new rewards scheme that allows customers to show off the products they purchase and at the same time provides peace of mind to shoppers.

Perception of products is extremely important at DressLily and the company already uses a professional photography team to take pictures of products to capture their true essence. However to remove any doubts about authenticity, the company has launched the Buyer's Show Program which encourages buyers to post pictures of themselves wearing DressLily products.

Images will then be shared on the product pages on the DressLily website, ensuring that customers can see what they look like on other real people. No tricks, no editing, all products shown will be genuine customer postings.

The Buyer's Show Program will also incentivize customers who post their images on DressLily. Customers will be given points for each picture posted. Points can then be used to get discounts on further purchases. This points system will give customers reason to both keep shopping but help DressLily catalogue the entire site with real user submissions. No more guessing if the products truly look the way they are posted.

Customers who have any questions or concerns can contact DressLily's highly trained 24/7 customer support team. Staff will also be able to initiate the return/exchange procedure if customers are not fully satisfied with a product. DressLily is fully committed in winning customers over by providing impeccable service both before and after sale. The company will not rest in providing service until customers are fully happy.

About DressLily

Launched in 2011, DressLily is a leading international e-commerce fashion and clothing accessories store. The company prides itself on selling high quality fashion at affordable prices which has resulted in DressLily growing to be a fan favorite to customers around the world.

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