Ekotumi, Renowned Singer, Songwriter and Storyteller of Japanese Mythology, Performs at 18th Annual Japan Expo in Paris

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TOKYO, July 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- During the 18th annual Japan Expo, July 7-10, 2017, at the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center, Ekotumi, belonging to Raku LLC (planning and production company) and singer, songwriter and story teller of Japanese mythology, held a number of performances. In these performances, Ekotumi revisited the traditional poems of the Kojiki, the most ancient book in the history of Japan, bringing her unique modern take to this classic mythology.

Ekotumi combined the traditional Japanese Kojiki with a unique blend of modern Japanese pop music. This personal and energetic interpretation of the Kojiki has been critically acclaimed and recognized as one of her most accomplished works of art.


Having performed her works for audiences around the world, including the 2017 World Art Dubai event and the 2016 Hyper Japan event in London, Ekotumi has also performed in Paris a number of times, most recently at the Japan Expo in 2016 and at the Japanese modern art exhibit in 2015 where she was responsible for the opening performance of the event.

Live Performance

Ekotumi Profile:

Waseda University graduate. Has appeared in numerous stage musicals. Started career as a singer for movie soundtracks while still a student. Ekotumi's unique melodies and poems, which are particular about the etymology of the words, and her theater productions have been highly acclaimed. Activities span a range of fields such as live performances, promotional videos, image songs, and game theme songs. Since 2010, has been developing "New translation KOJIKI Series," a Japanese-style opera based on Japan's myths and folklore, as her life's work. Is currently working as a unique artist introducing Japan's mythology to the world.

Official Website:

Major achievements:

- Four CD singles, one mini album currently on sale.
- Appeared in World Art Dubai for opening performance in Dubai
- Organization and solo performance of New translation KOJIKI "Amaterasu" in Paris
- Appeared in 1st Firenze Japanese Movie Festival 2010 for opening performance, Firenze
- Appeared in Japan Expo 17th, Paris
- Appeared in HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market, London

Source: Raku LLC
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