Envision unveils latest features of EnOS (TM) platform at Ecosummit, Berlin

2017-05-23 12:21 2478

EnOS™, the leading Energy IoT platform in the Energy Transition 

BERLIN, May 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Envision Energy, a leading global smart energy solution provider, today used the stage of Ecosummit to announce the latest features of EnOS™, their leading Energy IoT platform.

EnOS™ currently manages more than 60GW of renewable energy assets, connecting 50 million smart devices across a range of verticals including wind, solar, EV charging stations, buildings, storage and data centres. The platform's new features include:

  • Enhanced synergy between domains;
  • Greater security;
  • Solutions for challenges;
  • Independency;
  • Deep domain expertise.

Envision has created EnOS™ to facilitate the energy transition across the world. Envision believes renewable generation is already cheaper than any other energy source, leading eventually to the marginalised cost of energy becoming zero and even negative. The next challenge is the cost of synergy.

EnOS™ enables cost reduction via synergy between distributed energy sources, making it possible to connect more wind turbines and solar panels to the grid, and to connect millions of smart devices. As more and more customers use the platform, the distributed and fragmented energy system will be united and orchestrated in real time.

Speaking at Ecosummit in Berlin, Envision Group Executive Director Felix Zhang said, "What makes a successful Energy IoT platform? Firstly, it needs to create synergies to break down the silos. Secondly, it must be secured. Cyber security is very important for a complex distributed energy system. Then, it needs to provide super solutions such as power trading applying innovative technologies like blockchain, delivered independently from the companies which are providing different products. Finally, you must have domain expertise in wind, solar, smart grid, electric vehicles and energy storage. This is all underpinned by regulatory policies and supportive national governments."

EnOS™ has already had a direct impact on one of German's most exciting new energy companies. The technology has allowed Sonnen - a proven global leader in intelligent energy management solutions in Germany - to achieve its transformation. EnOS™ operating system is helping Sonnen to build the Sonnen community and become a virtual retailer. Other than emerging eco partners like Sonnen, EnOS™ has the capability to create value for traditional utilities, industrial parks, smart cities and emerging energy players.

Envision announced plans to invest 1 billion euro over the coming years to help build a Smart Energy Ecosystem of like-minded companies within Germany, and globally, to increase cooperation and innovation within the energy IoT sector.

About Envision:

Envision Energy ( is one of the world's largest smart energy management companies and among the eight largest turbine companies in the world with around 9GW of Envision smart wind turbines in operation. Envision's EnOS™, the world's largest Energy IoT platform, is now managing more than 60GW of renewable energy assets, as well as batteries, charging stations and energy consumption devices worldwide. Envision has established eight global innovation and engineering centres in Denmark, Germany and the United States.

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Source: Envision Energy