First Online SBL Platform Launched by Hong Kong

HONG KONG, Feb. 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- On Feb. 26, Hong Kong Co., Limited, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Chinese IT financial giant, Hundsun Technologies Inc., launched its first online SBL (Securities Borrowing and Lending) platform - SBL Mart. Instant market specific Securities Borrowing and Lending information can be disseminated electronically to all borrowers and lenders in the cloud-based SBL Mart platform. The innovative platform is also an open system that enables lenders and borrowers of securities to transact and process lending agreements with each other. This upends the traditional phone mode of SBL transactions, greatly facilitating securities traders' exchange of SBL messages.

First Online SBL Platform Launched by Hong Kong
First Online SBL Platform Launched by Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a major international financial center, with no restrictions on foreign capital's flow into and out the region, helping it emerge into a regional SBL center. However, market information is limited on one hand and cumbersome to process by traditional phone communication on the other. Securities traders who intend to carry out SBL business are unable to enjoy the convenience of electronic services. SBL Mart not only allows the electronization of SBL messages, improving the success rate of trade cooperation, but also invigorates the borrowing and lending market.

SBL Mart users can complete the borrowing and lending process through four simple steps. First, release information about lendable securities onto SBL Mart; second, inquire about released lendable securities; then, make conatct witrh interested parties; and finally, confirm the transaction via sending deal confirmation.

"SBL Mart is only a beginning of cloud service platform for non-transactional business of Hong Kong, and more non-transactional business among securities traders on cloud service platform will be launched in the future to better serve them," said Joson, Deputy Executive Director of Hong Kong

About Hong Kong Co., Limited

Hong Kong Co., Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hundsun Technologies Inc., provides all-round IT financial solutions for Hong Kong's financial industry. It is one of the only qualified BSS suppliers issued on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and also the only supplier of core financial products, providing a full set of solutions for mature, multi-systematic, unified account management, electronic bank-securities transfer among many banks and real-time trading settlement systems for global securities / futures in the Hong Kong market.

Established in 2009, Hong Kong Co., Limited has a mature team for internationalized technology development and business, having successively completed 4 sets of large core software evolutions with their own independent properties - Hong Kong securities transaction settlement system (available for global transaction), cross-border ETF transaction management system, international futures transaction settlement system and multi-systematic unified account accepting system. In 2014, Hong Kong Co., Limited, in combination with its parent company, became the only domestic provider of security solutions to the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone.

About Hundsun Technologies Inc.

Hundsun Technologies Inc. is the leading financial software and network service company in China. Listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2003, it has more than 6,000 employees and has been elected to the FinTech100 for 8 straight years. For the past two decades, adhering to the mission of "make finance simple," Hundsun has dedicated itself to innovation in the financial IT field, providing professional and reliable wealth management instruments for the security, fund, banking, trust and insurance industries.

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Source: Hong Kong Co., Limited
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