Fragrance Du Bois 'Cancelled Summer' -- Now We Know Why

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PARIS, Aug. 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The young, dynamic perfume brand, Fragrance Du Bois is making a lot of headlines these days, but 'cancelling summer' is one of the more unusual to have hit the newswires of late.

The company is keen to ensure that people understand that summer had only being 'cancelled' for its team members due to the pace at which the company is expanding.

While many luxury brands were 'on the beaches', relaxing with their feet up, personnel at Fragrance Du Bois (FDB) remained hard at work planning and executing future expansion plans.

It's due in no small way to the fact that fragrance aficionados and 'conscious consumers' around the world  -- those concerned with sustainability, environmental awareness and known provenance of the products they purchase -- are responding in dramatic fashion to Fragrance Du Bois' mantra of 'luxury with a conscience'. The inclusion of 100% pure, organic and sustainably sourced Oud oil in its signature products has made FDB one of the fastest growing luxury perfume brands in the world today.

Fragrance Du Bois’ new flagship store in Singapore, Scotts Square.
Fragrance Du Bois’ new flagship store in Singapore, Scotts Square.

Fragrance aficionados' taste for the original, innovative and exotic, and consumers' imaginations have been captivated by the young brand's 'from soil, to oil, to you' motto and back story, with pure Oud oil -- sustainably sourced, ethically produced and supplied by plantations managed with the environment and communities in mind -- having become such an integral part of FDB's profile and its superb range of products.

The insatiable demand for real Oud, and the cult following the relatively new brand has already garnered, means that the team is constantly busy, always engaged and expanding in number. 

"I'm very good these days at packing suitcases," said Nicola Parker, Brand Director -- Fragrance Du Bois, "and it's probably due to continuous practice. Every time I step off a plane, it seems that all I do is start packing my bags again for another trip. In the last few weeks we have opened in Mayfair, London, just off the famous Regent Street, in the ongoing relationship we have with the House of Jovoy and Francois Henin, with whom we also work in Paris and Doha. We've also moved our flagship store in Singapore to Scotts Square, right in the very heart of the Orchard Road shopping district."

Fragrance Du Bois’ signature cloche table at Niche Perfumes, Marbella, Spain.
Fragrance Du Bois’ signature cloche table at Niche Perfumes, Marbella, Spain.

"We're up and running in Marbella, Spain, as part of the developing relationship with Niche Perfumes and its founders, the Al Otaibi brothers - taking pride of place with our full, cloche table experience in the millionaires' playground of Puerto Banus. There is also major expansion taking place in the Middle East, to better cater to our burgeoning Arabic and international clientele, and we have two luxury boutiques currently being fitted out in Dubai, with our friends at Jovoy, and these should be ready in September. One will be at the iconic City Walk destination offering our full boutique experience, while the other is opening at the Dubai Creek Harbour, which as everyone in Dubai knows is going to be a very special retail experience in the region."

Fragrance Du Bois isn't resting on its laurels in Switzerland either, making sure that its boutiques in Geneva and Zurich are prepared for the elite coterie of fragrance lovers from the Middle East who favour the relative cool of Europe during the hot summer months in their home countries.

"We're not taking any breaks either in Paris, Milan, Los Angeles, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong, as we feel we owe it to our clients to be present and ready to meet their needs. We may have become victims of our own success, "concluded Parker, "but we wouldn't have it any other way, and this is a very exciting time for our brand. We're just delighted that we have the right people in place who appreciate what we're striving to achieve," concluded Parker," and are happy to accept the monumental workload that accompanies establishing our brand globally."

New additions to the Fragrance Du Bois portfolio of boutiques have already been planned for the remainder of 2017 and into 2018. The brand will be available soon in New York, Abu Dhabi, Miami, Jeddah, Manila, Shanghai, Macao and Beijing.

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