Oud Essentials Active in the Transfer Market -- More Industry Experts Joining the New, Dynamic Brand

GENEVA, July 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Oud Essentials, a new skincare, lifestyle and wellness brand that is already impacting a fiercely competitive industry, is proud to announce the recruitment of yet more social marketing industry professionals with the experience and credentials necessary to turn the company into a global entity in a short space of time.

Oud Essentials' office and training centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Oud Essentials' office and training centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Ready for launch. Headliners in the Oud Essentials range of skincare products and accessories.
Ready for launch. Headliners in the Oud Essentials range of skincare products and accessories.

After the recent appointment of Christina Tang -- formerly of Nu Skin, Neways and Tupperware in Singapore, with more than 18 years' industry experience -- as Country Manager, Singapore, and Katherine Loh, who has assumed the role as Country Manager, Malaysia, after tenures at Elken, Herbalife and Sophie Paris, Oud Essentials is delighted to be able to announce yet more high-profile 'signings' as the company prepares to introduce itself to the world.

Jonathan Lim is now on board as Country Manager, Philippines, having established an excellent reputation for himself as Head of Sales, trainer and mentor at Amway Philippines LLC, and he will be working alongside Vanessa del Rosario, who has more than 12 years' industry experience and is an alumnus at both Elken and Nu Skin.

"It doesn't matter how good your products are," said Andrew Leci, Chief Visionary Officer, Oud Essentials, "or how attractive your business model is. Companies and organisations are all about people, and getting the right ones is of paramount importance to us. Fortunately, we haven't only recruited people who 'buy into' our vision of sustainability, environmental awareness and a new, more conscious way of doing business, they absolutely love it."

"We seem to have struck a chord in the consciousnesses of people within an industry," Leci continued, "and they like what we stand for. Our use of 100% pure, organic Oud in all of our products, and the fact that all our ingredients are of known provenance, sustainably and ethically sourced, have become shared values in our business model that more and more people are resonating with."

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and working alongside Katherine Loh will be Tiffaney Teo, a graduate in Nutrition and Community Health who takes on her role as Senior Product Trainer after stints at Elken and NuCerity. She will be joined in August 2017 by Adrian Kam -- Head of Digital Marketing -- who has an immaculate track record in his previous incarnations at Avon, Amway and the Qi Group.

Holding all the Asia-Pacific operations together will be newly-appointed Chief Financial Officer, Chang Chiek Fui -- previously of Avon, Amway and Sophie Paris in Indonesia -- who brings to the company more than 20 years' experience in finance and business development. 

"When we started the company," concluded Leci, "we knew that putting the right team together was going to be essential. What perhaps we didn't realise is how important it is these days for even hardened industry professionals to embrace the notion of doing business in a more conscious manner and trying to make a difference in the world. We now have great products, and great people, all of whom believe in what we're doing and have all the experience and skillsets to turn our dreams into realities. That they have all had stellar careers in well-established and reputable companies in the industry is a major bonus."

With interest gaining momentum, and the ultra-competitive industry abuzz, it is already apparent that Oud Essentials will appeal to the ever-increasing number of conscious consumers who want to know where the products that they use come from, as well as how and by whom they are made.

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About Oud Essentials

A new brand, a new face, and a new name in the global skincare industry, Oud Essentials enhances the remarkable properties and qualities of agarwood and Oud in a range of products that are designed to be part of a skincare regimen and an approach to a healthy lifestyle that embraces a story, thousands of years in the making.

With real products for real people in the real world, the Oud Essentials' skincare range, along with its beautifully designed jewellery and natural infusions formulated to promote spiritual and physical wellbeing, embodies the pioneering spirit of innovation and creativity, with respect paid to the environment, communities, and the concept of sustainability that has become essential to all of us. 

All the Oud used in the Oud Essentials range of products is sustainably sourced and ethically produced on plantations owned and/or managed by the award-winning Asia Plantation Capital – global leaders in the sustainable forestry sector. It has full approval and all the relevant certification from CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).

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