From June 6 to June 11, ride for free on two popular routes served by Hong Kong's Coral Sea Ferry Service

- The company invites you to experience the unique characteristics of Hong Kong by taking a Coral Sea wooden ferry over to the eastern side of Victoria Harbour
Coral Sea Ferry Service Co., Ltd
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HONG KONG, June 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The Coral Sea, a wooden ferry with the look and feel of an old fishing ship operated by Coral Sea Ferry Service Company Limited, has been serving Hong Kong residents and tourists alike since the 1980s. The transport company's wooden ferries, in the style of a fishing boat, are sure to leave an indelible and timeless memory on all those who venture on board. From Friday, June 9 to Sunday, June 11, 2017, Coral Sea Ferry Service will let passengers ride for free on two of its routes#, giving Hongkongers a chance to relive the memories of these characteristic and traditional modes of transport.

Coral Sea Ferry Service now operates three routes, including routes connecting Sai Wan Ho and Kwun Tong, Sai Wan Ho and Lei Yue Mun Sam Ka Tsuen, as well as Lei Yue Mun Sam Ka Tsuen and Tung Lung Island. While each of the destinations can be reached by road, travelling from one side to the other of Victoria Harbour on a Coral Sea ferry represents an opportunity to "take it slow" and give the mobile phone a rest, while taking in the view of the boundless waters and the beauty of nature that abounds in the harbour once one moves away from the city's busy hubs. In addition, upon reaching shore, there are multiple options on how to spend one's time, each of which will give the visitor a chance to experience the local character by visiting destinations along the routes.

Sai Wan Ho

The old Hong Kong colony-style Sai Wan Ho Ferry Pier gives the arriving guest a feel for the vintage character of the region. Except for Soho in Central, the island is another Soho recreation venue replete with local attractions, restaurants and bars. Both the Hong Kong Film Archive building and the Tai On Building, two of Sai Wan Ho's landmarks, are popular gathering spots where young and old can share their interest in and enthusiasm for culture and art.

Lei Yue Mun Sam Ka Tsuen

It's a quick ten-minute hop from Sai Wan Ho to the Sam Ka Tsuen Pier. Lei Yue Mun is one of the top seafood destinations in Hong Kong and the annual Lei Yue Mun Seafood Festival is considered a "must attend" event by Hong Kong residents and visitors. Lovers pray for their love to last forever at the Wish Tree, a 100-year-old banyan tree just beside Lei Yue Mun Park. Visitors can take in a sweeping view of Victoria Harbour from Lei Yue Mun Lighthouse. The vantage point is considered one of the best in Hong Kong for enjoying the sunset and twilight.

Tung Lung Island

A 30-minute ride on the ferry whisks travellers from Sam Ka Tsuen to Tung Lung Island. Tung Lung Island is an ideal locale for outdoor activities, including camping, hiking and outdoor photography.  For camera buffs, the island offers some of the best landscapes in the area. The natural physiognomy of the island provides many opportunities for those that like to challenge themselves with extreme outdoor sports.

Despite the march of time, Coral Sea Ferry Service is committed to preserving the vestiges of the past through the conservation and revival of wooden ferries that embody the history and traditional culture of Hong Kong. The company plans to work with tourism operators in rolling out a series of activities in Lei Yue Mun and on Tung Lung Island, with the goal of transforming the ferry journey into a new driver of growth for the region's tourism industry. Coral Sea Ferry Service provides the people of Hong Kong a respite from the fast pace of day-to-day living and an opportunity to experience a leisurely day or afternoon, whether it be sharing one's thoughts about culture and art at Sai Wan Ho, enjoying the food and sunset view at Lei Yue Mun or exploring the vestiges of history, the natural splendour and the slow pace of life on Tung Lung Island.

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Free transportation aboard the ferry applies to the Sai Wan Ho-Lei Yue Mun Sam Ka Tsuen and Sai Wan Ho-Kwun Tong routes only

About Coral Sea Ferry Service Company Limited

Founded in 1968, the predecessor of Coral Sea Ferry Service Company started with passenger chartering. Formally launched in 1988, Coral Sea Ferry Service began to provide the government with transportation service to outlying islets, including supplying the transport between vessel and land for 24-hour shore leave for personnel aboard foreign warships visiting Hong Kong. In 1991, the company launched the first Hong Kong Island East-Kowloon East (Sai Wan Ho-Sam Ka Tsuen) route, becoming one of four transport companies to operate routes across the harbour in Hong Kong. In 1999, Coral Sea Ferry Service opened its second Hong Kong Island East-Kowloon East route (Sai Wan Ho-Kwun Tong). In 2016, the company changed direction when it took on the mission of bringing back Hong Kong's traditional wooden ferries and piers. In the same year, the ferry service launched a new route between Sam Ka Tsuen and Tung Lung Island, in addition to its two existing routes across the harbour. For more information, please follow Coral Sea Ferry Service on Facebook and YouTube, or visit

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