HKBN Introduces Market Leading Initiatives to Promote LIFE-work Priority

Hugely increasing Full-paid Maternity Leave to 16 weeks, Paternity Leave to 14 days, and adding Monthly Half Day Off
2016-08-22 17:15 2485

HONG KONG, Aug. 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- HKBN Group ("HKBN") announced today that, staying true to its core purpose to "make our Hong Kong a better place to live", the company will introduce a number of market-leading enhancements to allow its Talents in Hong Kong to enjoy greater flexibility and more time off from their duties.

Starting this September, HKBN will implement a number of LIFE-work enhancements for its Talents in Hong Kong. The company's well-liked once-a-month Early-Off Friday (allowing to leave 2 hours earlier) will be upgraded to allow Talents in Hong Kong to leave after 12:30pm (equivalent to adding 6 days of paid leave annually). Going above and beyond, HKBN's improved Maternity Leave will provide pregnant Talents with 16 weeks of full-pay leave, exceeding the government's 10-week requirement at only four-fifths of the wages. Similarly, the upgraded Paternity Leave entitles soon-to-be fathers with 14 days of full-pay leave - a massive difference from the 3 days stipulated by law. Additionally, for Talents set on tying the knot, HKBN has augmented its Marriage Leave to give both contract and full time Talents 5 days of paid leave. All combined, these new initiatives will give HKBN Talents ample opportunities to savour life's precious moments with friends and family.

New Enhancements to HKBN's LIFE-work Policies (Effective September 2016):           

Monthly Half-day Off Friday

Talents may leave office after 12:30pm

Upgraded Maternity Leave

Female Talents entitled to 16 weeks of full-pay Maternity Leave

Upgraded Paternity Leave

Male Talents entitled to 14 days of full-pay Paternity Leave

Upgraded Marriage Leave

Both contract (1 year or more) & full-time permanent Talents entitled to 5 days of paid Marriage Leave

HKBN CEO and Co-Owner, William Yeung said, "It is quite rare for companies from Hong Kong to invest so heavily towards work-life balance. At HKBN, we believe that personal and family wellbeing comes before work, and happy Talents will be motivated to deliver outstanding results. The continued growth and development of HKBN proves that a determined focus on LIFE-work Priority can have considerable impact. We hope we will inspire other Hong Kong companies to follow, and make our city a better place to live."   

The following Talent benefits and entitlements demonstrate how HKBN is committed to LIFE-work priority:

Benefits and Entitlements

Equivalent day(s) of holiday per year

Shortened working hours

Without cutting pay, we shortened working hours from 8 to 7 hours daily, for a total of 35 hours per week, beginning July 2015.


Monthly Half-day Off Friday

Everyone is encouraged to leave the office half day earlier.


Half-day leave during important festive occasions

On the eve of festive holidays, Talents enjoy a half-day leave to spend more time and celebrate with family and friends.


Anniversary Leave

One day of paid leave during the month of a Talents' joining to celebrate his/her contributions for a completed year of service.


Family Care Leave

One additional day of paid leave so that Talents can spend quality time together with family.


A 17-day public holiday entitlement for all Talents

Frontline Talents to enjoy 17 days of public holidays annually like the rest of HKBN Talents.


2-for-1 Bonus Leave

Through this creative initiative, Talents can flexibly choose to exchange two days of leave for one day of pay, for up to 10 days of leave annually.


Marriage Leave

Five days of paid Marriage Leave


Upgraded Maternity Leave

16 weeks of full-pay Maternity Leave for our female Talents.


Upgraded Paternity Leave

14 days of full-pay Paternity Leave for our male Talents.


Sabbatical Leave

Talents can apply for up to one year of no-pay Sabbatical Leave as an opportunity to pursue a personal goal or dream.


* Based on 247 working days in 2016 and a 7-hour work day.

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