HKBN Launches All-new Home Telephone and Wi-Fi Concierge Service

Customers Outside of HKBN Network Coverage Can Also Enjoy Upgraded Home Telephone Service at a Special Monthly Fee

HONG KONG, Oct. 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited ("HKBN") has launched an all-new "Wi-Fi Concierge" service, offering a completely upgraded Wi-Fi solution that also features High Definition (HD) home telephone functionality^. Taking advantage of cutting-edge VOIP technology, the new Wi-Fi Concierge service makes innovative use of an award winning, multi-functional 1Gbps router* to provide around-the-clock Wi-Fi technical support, as well as a HD voice home telephone service experience. Most innovative of all, this groundbreaking service allows customers living outside of HKBN network coverage to enjoy HKBN's home telephone service, irrespective of which broadband carrier's service is being used. For the first time ever, all broadband subscribers in Hong Kong can opt to forego the legacy incumbent's restraints, and enjoy HKBN's reasonably priced home telephone service!

Latest ATM Attack Strategy

HKBN COO and Co-Owner NiQ Lai said, "Last month, as details of our ATM growth strategy were being made public, we leveraged our mobile services (M) to deliver a first strike. Today, this assault intensifies with our "Wi-Fi Concierge" attack, an all-new service which delivers a two-pronged offensive in A/xDSL broadband (A) and home telephone (T) to ensure that Hong Kongers, particularly those who pay high monthly fees for home telephone service, can have an attractive value choice."

Enjoy Upgraded Home Telephone and Wi-Fi Service Bundle at a Special Monthly Fee

Starting today, customers registered to the "Wi-Fi Concierge" and Home Telephone Service Bundle** will enjoy home telephone service, the Wi-Fi Concierge 1Gbps router, 24/7 Wi-Fi technical support, a VTech DECT telephone, myTV SUPER Box (Alpha Pack), and a 2-month waiver of monthly fees, all for just $88 per month; while customers who simultaneously sign up to HKBN's mobile services can enjoy a 5-month monthly fee waiver. Customers who switch and port in their home telephone numbers from HKT will additionally enjoy 12 months of free access to the myTV SUPER Movies Pack!

"Wi-Fi Concierge" and Home Telephone Service Bundle details**:

Customers registered to "Wi-Fi Concierge" and Home Telephone Bundle


Customers simultaneously registered to "Wi-Fi Concierge" and Home Telephone Bundle


 Mobile services

Monthly fee

("Wi-Fi Concierge" & Home Telephone Bundle)


Contract period

24 months

27 months

Monthly fee waivers

2 months

5 months

Value-added services

Caller Display, Conference Call, Call Waiting,

Block the Blocker

Bundled service includes:

  • "Wi-Fi Concierge" service, including professional installation, 24/7 technical support hotline, remote diagnosis and troubleshooting service, etc.
  • Wi-Fi Concierge 1Gbps router
  • VTech DECT telephone
  • IDD 0030
  • 24-month myTV SUPER Box (Alpha Pack) and myTV SUPER Multi-view
  • 12-month myTV SUPER Movies Pack
    (For customers who switch and port in home telephone numbers from HKT)

To encourage more consumers to experience "Wi-Fi Concierge" and the Home Telephone Service Bundle, customers are free to cancel the service anytime during the first 2 months of the contract period without early termination charges.

"Wi-Fi Concierge" provides comprehensive technical support

Besides supporting home telephone service, "Wi-Fi Concierge" delivers all-new enhancements to the home Wi-Fi experience. As household Wi-Fi is typically not included with broadband service, customers may find it difficult to ensure reliable hi-speed Wi-Fi connectivity in every corner of their home; when networking problems arise, finding solutions are often quite troublesome. Mindful of customer needs, HKBN has introduced "Wi-Fi Concierge" to make life easier.    

On top of delivering professional-grade installation of Wi-Fi Concierge 1Gbps router and setup of the wireless network, the feature-rich "Wi-Fi Concierge" service includes round-the-clock technical support hotline; remote diagnosis and troubleshooting service; and easy management of the home broadband, Wi-Fi and telephone network. For added convenience, customers can also use the Wi-Fi Concierge mobile app to remotely manage the home's Wi-Fi network, ensuring optimum connectivity experiences are always available for everything, from productivity to entertainment. 

Act Now!

Starting today, the "Wi-Fi Concierge" and Home Telephone Service Bundle will be available via the HKBN website ( and across its point-of-sales. For more details, please visit:



Winner of Gold Prize for Telecommunications Products at Electronic Industries Award 2016. Supports IEEE 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard and transmits dual-band wireless 2.4GHz & 5GHz.  


Terms and conditions apply. Please see for details.


HD home telephone functionality is only applicable for calls made between Wi-Fi Concierge paired VTech DECT telephone users or HKBN Enterprise Solutions Infinite Voice users.      

About Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited

Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited is a subsidiary of HKBN Group ("HKBN" or "The Group"). HKBN Group is Hong Kong's largest provider of residential high speed fibre broadband (symmetrical 100Mbps to 1,000Mbps) services by number of subscriptions, and a fast growing enterprise solutions provider. The Group offers a full range of telecommunications solutions for both the residential and enterprise markets, encompassing broadband and Wi-Fi network services, cloud solutions, data connectivity, data facilities, system integration, mobile services, entertainment and voice communications. HKBN owns an extensive fibre network in Hong Kong, which covers over 2.2 million residential homes passed, representing approximately 81% of Hong Kong's total residential units, and more than 2,300 commercial buildings. HKBN embraces "Make our Hong Kong a Better Place to Live" as its core purpose, and takes great pride in developing its Talents into a competitive advantage. The Group is managed by about 340 Co-Owners who have invested their own savings to buy HKBN shares, representing the majority of supervisory and management level Talents in the Group. HKBN Group is part of HKBN Ltd. (SEHK Stock Code: 1310).

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