Huiyuan Juice Investing in Richland Group to Create Greater Value through Blueberry Industry

Huiyuan Juice
2017-03-30 19:50 1599

BEIJING, March 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently Huiyuan Juice officially announced buying shares of Jiangsu Richland Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Richland Group"). Huiyuan Juice will take the blueberry industry as an opportunity and buying shares as its initial cooperation gesture, seek the synergies with Richland Group, and further improve its related layouts of fruit sources and industry boards so as to create greater market value.

From the comprehensive aspects in market prospect, industrial value, investment return and so on, Huiyuan Juice is expected to create high rewards for being the shareholder of Richland Group. The investment is just the beginning of these two companies' cooperation. Huiyuan Juice states that in the future, Huiyuan Juice and Richland Group will seek cooperation synergies in the areas of blueberry fresh fruit gathering and purchasing, blueberry juice products, blueberry cultivation technology exchanges, marketing channels promotion and so on. And by leveraging Richland Group's advantages in blueberry industry and its strategic location, Huiyuan will also further realize its perfection in source categories and perspective layout in the overseas market.

In the recent couple of years, Huiyuan Juice has continued to accelerate its overseas business development and market expansion and has successfully entered into Singapore, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries and regions. By investing in Richland Group this time, Huiyuan is taking an important step for its prospective layout and overseas strategy in the key city of Lianyungang, Jiangsu. The forward-looking layout positioning will effectively boost Huiyuan Juice's pace in opening up overseas market.

It is believed by some insiders that Huiyuan Juice's shareholding of Richland Group this time is a good move for Huiyuan Juice. The supply side structural reform of agriculture and the bonus release of consumer upgrading will bring wide range of preferential policies for agricultural industry and juice industry. And the investment this time will promote the diverse exploration and implementation between Huiyuan Juice and Richland Group in the strategic cooperation of agriculture and create greater win-win value for both sides in the future.

Source: Huiyuan Juice