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JustDating: Malaysians are the most emotionally loyal in Asia

2017-11-07 10:20
-Only 20% of adults were disloyal to their mate, with the percentage among men 10 percentage points higher than among women

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Nov. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Asia's popular dating app, JustDating, conducted a survey among Malaysian users on their experience when it came to love. Results show that only 20 percent of the respondents admitted to having been disloyal to their mate, with the percentage among men 10 points higher than among women. In both Taiwan and Singapore, 30 percent of respondents said they had been disloyal to their mate, while, among Indonesians, the rate climbed to 40 percent. In conclusion, Malaysian users are the most emotionally loyal.

Both men and women have opportunities to stray. The survey shows that men and women have a different understanding of disloyalty. Men in Malaysia think that any bodily contact could be regarded as "betrayal", whereas women attach greater importance to emotions, holding the opinion that if their mate becomes infatuated with another woman, he has been disloyal, even if no bodily contact with the "other" has taken place. In addition to the different definitions of disloyalty, men and women would deal with their mate's disloyalty in quite different ways. When betrayed, 50 percent of the men in Malaysia would be willing to tolerate the "insubordination", talk it over with their mate and forgive her. In contrast, 70 percent of the women said they would draw a clear line and if he were to become infatuated with another, she would immediately end the relationship.

The online survey, entitled Partner's Habits and Preferences, was undertaken by JustDating, a dating app focused on helping singles find eligible marriage partners. Survey results were based on 1,000 validated responses, among which 500 of the respondents were men and 500 were women.

Source: JustDating

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