Kantala, the Messiah of Vegan Fashion Accessories is Now Available Globally

2017-07-05 14:00 2035

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka, July 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Inspired by a 300-year-old handwoven craft, Kantala is throwing leatherette and canvas out and ushering a truly sustainable vegan fashion revolution. Kantala, a Sri Lankan startup and vegan fashion accessories brand recently introduced the most credible alternative to leather handbags.

Co-founded by two young professionals, Kantala features 100% vegan products made from a handwoven natural fibre mat, woven by traditional artisans using an age-old technique that has evolved over 300 years. The mat, which is made with fibres harvested from the naturally re-growing hana plant (Agave cantala), will revolutionise the world of vegan fashion accessories. The traditional artisans behind the handwoven mat trace their origins back to Sri Lanka's last royal kingdom, Kandy. Kantala supports the livelihoods of these artisans while keeping ancient traditions alive. The mat, which is sturdy and retains a prominent woven texture exudes personality, finesse and exclusivity, resulting in a range of products, which are chic, durable and vibrant.

Leatherette has dominated the vegan fashion accessories sector as an alternative to leather. However, leatherette is a petrochemical material detrimental to the environment. While vegan and environmentally friendly, canvas fails to radiate a sense of personality and sophistication. Mass manufactured, both materials lack the exclusivity of high end leather thereby failing to appeal to consumers outside the vegan movement. The limitations of leatherette and canvas has continued to hold back the adoption of vegan options in the world of fashion.

The hana plant grows naturally in the arid and mountainous regions of Sri Lanka. Leaves are harvested and hand scraped to extract a very fine, white colour fibre. The fibre, once dyed with plant matter or OEKO Tex 100 certified dyes, is handwoven using a loom that has remained the same for over three centuries. Together with the hana mat Fair Trade Guaranteed handloom, Pinatex (a pineapple fibre based leather alternative) and up-cycled coconut shell pieces are used to complete every Kantala handbag.

It is time the world had a chance to enjoy Kantala's PETA Approved Vegan fashion accessories that are good for both people and the planet. Through Kantala's IndieGoGo ( crowdfunding campaign, live until July 28th 2017, you too can pre-order your own Kantala handbag all the while knowing that your purchase is protecting our environment and a 300-year-old traditional craft.

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