Send Anywhere Launches New API to Drive User Growth and Retention

Looking to Expand in the B2C and Enter B2B Space
Estmob Inc.
2016-04-08 08:00 2138

SEOUL, South Korea, April 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Estmob Inc's Send Anywhere (, the leader in cross-platform file sharing, announced this week that it launched a revitalized API to provide businesses with a quick and simplistic means to transfer files.

With the API, developers can seamlessly integrate Send Anywhere across their website or application. This unleashes a variety of uses ranging from an email client plug-in for large attachments to circumventing messengers with file size limitations. Speaking on the API, CEO Yoonsik Oh said, "Thus far, we have focused our efforts on the B2C market but want to also enter into the B2B space with this API as the driving force. Unlike competitors, it allows devices on the same network to share data directly without touching any servers. Additionally, it is completely free which differentiates it from the rest of the field which charges based on file transfer size. So far, we have already partnered with Samsung across all of their Multi-Purpose Printers and plan to expand both horizontally and vertically."

This release comes on the heels of Send Anywhere 3.0 which launched at the start of 2016 and is the next step in robust file sharing across all major smartphone and desktop platforms.

Based in Seoul, Send Anywhere started in 2012 to tackle the problem of how to most efficiently send files between two devices given variations in network conditions. What started as a domestic app for Android users has blossomed into a global, cross-platform application with endless possibilities.

About Send Anywhere:
Founded in 2012 in Seoul, Send Anywhere, the brainchild of Estmob Inc., is a file sharing application that takes an easy, quick, and unlimited approach to file sharing. Easily, it lets you transfer any file type, across any platform, all without requiring signing up or logging on. Quickly, given network conditions, it finds the most viable network path to ensure an efficient transfer. As for unlimited, you can send any sized file, as many times as you want, all for free. Originally just for Android, Send Anywhere now works across Android, iOS, Windows Phone and PC, Mac, Linux, Web Widget, API, WordPress Plugin, and for Samsung Printers.

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Source: Estmob Inc.