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Spectacular Scene of MINISO's Three Stores Opened in Vietnam

2016-09-28 16:06

HANOI, Vietnam, Sept. 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- On September 10, 2016, MINISO, an international fast fashion designer brand opened three stores in Thai Ha, Indochina Plaza and Hang Ngang Street in Vietnam, respectively. Mr. Miyake Jyunya, the chief designer and global co-founder of MINISO, and Mr. Ye Guofu, the global co-founder of MINISO, together with Ms. Le Thi Ngoc Hai and Ms. Duong Thanh Tam, representatives of Vietnam, presented at the opening ceremony.

The spectacular scene of one of the Vietnam stores' opening ceremony
The spectacular scene of one of the Vietnam stores' opening ceremony

As the most rapidly expanding real retail brand in the world, MINISO has opened more than 1,400 stores around the world within three years, with a global revenue about USD 1 billion in 2015. Opening stores in Vietnam is not only a significant step for MINISO to develop further in the Asian-Pacific market, but also shows its support for the national initiative of "the Belt and Road", indicating MINISO's determination to lead China's real retail industry in conquering the global market.

Three MINOSO stores opening in Vietnam on the same day received great attention from the local government and a warm welcome from the local people. During business time, the Vietnamese rushed to buy at the stores with high passion. Three stores were crowded until midnight and had to extend their business hours to 2 a.m. The revenue of the Hang Ngang Streetstore exceeded USD10,000 within one hour. According to incomplete statistics, MINISO has made brilliant achievements on its first day in Vietnam, breaking the record for highest ever. MINISO is expected to open 300 stores in Vietnam within one year.

On the day of the opening ceremony, MINISO organized an extemporaneous press conference, since media reporters were curious about MINISO's operation philosophy and business models. During the press conference reporters strove to ask as many questions as they could in order to dig out more valuable information. According to the spectacular scene of its grand opening, some insiders forecast that MINISO will have great potential and unlimited market scale in Vietnam.

MINISO will keep on opening stores in Vietnam in the future. Together with the countries and regions where MINISO has set up stores before, the brand will expand to comprehensively cover Southeast Asia so that consumers around the world can experience the products being made in China with "high-quality, creativity and low-price," as well as the happiness of stress-free shopping.

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Source: Guangdong MINISO Investment Management Co.,Ltd.
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