Sugon Announces Completion of First Data Center in Europe

2016-11-16 20:41 1416

SALT LAKE CITY, Nov. 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Sugon a Chinese high-performance computing brand, jointly announced with Arctur, the ICT Company in Slovenia, the official completion of a data center in Slovenia built by both parties. The data center will be Sugon's first data center in continental Europe, representing a major breakthrough for Sugon in the traditionally advantageous high-performance computing market, and also a significant milestone for Sugon's implementation of its globalization strategy.

The Arctur-2 Hyper-Converged System (the "Arctur-2 System") deployed in data centers is designed and developed by Arctur. The high-performance infrastructure of Arctur-2 System is entirely provided by Sugon. With the completion of the data center, Sugon's high-performance computing equipment officially enters continental Europe and Slovenia will become Sugon's bridgehead for exploring future business in Europe.

Complementary Advantages

Arctur is committed to applying HPC services to SMEs and the media industry, and it is a market leader in this particular field. The unique product attributes provide the data center with superior product advantages. Arctur-2 System, the system tailored for the European market, has both superior computing capacity and a wide range of applications. Arctur-2 System is a type of high-performance computing and cloud computing infrastructure based on hyper-converged architecture, and its design can be applied to a variety of scenarios, including but not limited to universal cloud computing, high-performance computing and small-scale big data analysis. Arctur-2 System will provide high-quality services for Arctur's clients in Europe and around the world.

Innovative Ideas, Entering Western Markets

Sugon and Arctur also launched the "HPCaaS" business model (High-Performance Computing as a Service). Under the HPCaaS Model, users can obtain the professional technical and service support from Sugon and Arctur while using high-performance computing equipment, processing of solution developments, visualization of results and other links. Moreover, users can also participate in product development and R&D of applicable equipment through cooperation.

Global Blueprints, Steady Expansion

Sugon has made progress in different regional markets worldwide since Sugon grandly launched its globalization blueprint. Completion of the data center in Europe is a significant breakthrough, while Sugon is rewriting the market pattern and moving forward.

In addition to this important breakthrough in the European market, Sugon has also achieved business progress in several markets in recent years: Sugon has directly presented products to local users through local channels in the Southeast Asian market and Russia. In the North American market with most developed ICT industry, Sugon has paid more attention to "strategic alliance" and "technology integration" and actively transformed from provider of servers and storage solutions to full-service provider in the meantime of seeking the win-win partnership development by virtue of technological advantages of hardware equipment as well as deep understanding and practical experience in high-performance industrial applications.

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Source: Sugon