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JAKARTA, Indonesia, Oct. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Sunline Master International (SMI) has inaugurated its new office on 12 October 2017 following the signing of a joint venture agreement in July 2017 between Shenzhen Sunline Tech Co Ltd & PT Mastersystem Infotama. This new company, operating under the name of Sunline Master International will benefit from strengthened portfolio and local talents to expand its wings in the innovative and growing Indonesia financial IT market.

Ribbon cutting to inaugurate the opening of Sunline Master International office. From the left: Eddy Anthony, Jameson Li, Avy Lim, Tjen Sit Fong and Welianto Halim.
Ribbon cutting to inaugurate the opening of Sunline Master International office. From the left: Eddy Anthony, Jameson Li, Avy Lim, Tjen Sit Fong and Welianto Halim.

"We definitely see a potential for initiatives and growth in the financial industry centred on the rise of FinTech, digital banking systems and end-to-end functionalities in Indonesia," said Avy Lim, President Commissioner of Sunline Master International. With the official commencement of its office in the financial centre of Jakarta, Sunline Master International will jointly ride the wave of financial technology development in the Indonesian market.

"With our office located strategically in close vicinity to headquarters of major banks in the Golden Triangle of Jakarta, Sunline Master International aims to be the leading service provider to support financial institutions in their digital transformation initiatives," said Wellianto Halim, President Director of Sunline Master International.

Sunline Master International wants to be the trusted partner for its financial customers in Indonesia. The enterprise plans to facilitate the digital transformation journey of its customers by delivering proven methodologies, system solutions and people in line with their business objectives.

As the first step towards being the leading banking service provider, Sunline Master International also hosted the Digital Banking Forum 2017 titled "Innovate Fearlessly in the Age of Digital Disruption" at the Ayana Hotel on the same day. More than 100 delegates from the financial industry comprising of IT and finance leaders convened the forum centred on the rise of FinTech and the digital banking for Indonesia. The forum has allowed for delegates to discover the emerging impact, trends and challenges through sharings by forward-thinking financial industry experts. For the first time in Indonesia, the event also shows how reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) could transform the future of the financial technology industry.

With a single-minded focus strategy, Sunline Master International aims to expand its business and improve banking customer experience through reach, scale and financial inclusiveness. One of the company's main focus is to expand its professional services and provide integrated orchestrated digital banking solution with values of Integrity, Customer first, Excellence in service (ICE) while growing concurrently with its stakeholders.

About PT Sunline Master International

Founded in 2017, PT Sunline Master International is a joint venture company between Sunline Holding (HK) Limited and PT Mastersystem Infotama. PT Sunline Master International delivers the best of breed solutions and services for Indonesia market which is in the middle of financial technology revolution to aim for nationwide digital transformation.   

Address: Wisma Nugra Santana 11th Floor, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 7-8, Jakarta Pusat 10220, Indonesia

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