The Kinnet Launches New Women's Wellness Programme

From dietician consults and personal training, to healthy dining options and creative classes, The Kinnet encourages women in the city to embrace a healthier lifestyle
The Kinnet
2016-02-29 18:13 2750

HONG KONG, Feb. 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- With the objective to promote healthier lifestyles among women in Hong Kong, The Kinnet is delighted to announce the launch of a new holistic wellness programme aimed primarily at middle-aged and older women who are looking to improve their overall health, fitness, vitality and wellbeing.

The Kinnet has launched a new holistic wellness programme designed especially for older women.
The Kinnet has launched a new holistic wellness programme designed especially for older women.

Designed with a woman's specific needs in mind, the two-month programme offers an integrated, customised approach to wellness that focuses on helping female participants improve their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing through regular exercise, nutrition, positive thinking and a balanced lifestyle.

Providing a comprehensive wellness experience, the special package, which seeks to inspire mature women to embrace healthier lifestyle habits and maintain the consistency needed for preventative health, comprises a complete physical assessment, a customised one-on-one dietician consultation, personalised training and active isolated stretch sessions.

Aside from learning strategies to maintain optimal health, participants can enjoy throughout the duration of the Women's Wellness Programme, unlimited access to The Kinnet's gymnasium and extensive schedule of fitness classes that range from yoga and aerobics to pilates, t'ai chi, and various forms of dance.

In order to promote greater overall wellbeing both inside and out, the Women's Wellness Programme additionally features a complimentary, nutrient-packed, daily breakfast at The Kinnet Cafe to help start your day. The package also includes a choice of creative classes such as Chinese calligraphy, watercolour and painting, as well as other arts and crafts.

"We decided to introduce this programme in response to feedback received from our female members," says Ms. Stephanie Tan, Executive Director of The Kinnet. "Women have different concerns than men. Through incorporating the latest information and research, this programme allows us to provide individualised support and a more tailored approach to women's health."

Working step-by-step through the programme, which offers a balanced, holistic approach to wellness, Ms. Tan remarks that likely results include restored vitality, enhanced appearance, increased energy levels and improved physical fitness which, in turn, can help promote overall confidence, wellbeing and quality of life.

"Many women in Hong Kong are often so busy focusing on daily responsibilities that they are unable to find the time to frequent the gym, eat right or otherwise lead a healthy lifestyle," expresses Ms. Tan. "However, taking time out of your life to invest in you is one of the best gifts that you can give yourself."

Given that the Women's Wellness Programme is especially designed for women approaching midlife and beyond, a further benefit of the positive lifestyle interventions proposed is that they can reduce risk factors for chronic illnesses like heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and cancers which tend to be more prevalent in older women than their younger counterparts.

"Developing healthy habits now can fend off mental and physical issues later. Healthy behaviours and practices later in life can prevent, delay and even control age-related issues and conditions," continues Ms. Tan while stating that studies have shown a healthy lifestyle can matter as much, if not more, than your genes when it comes to staying well as you age.

"We therefore believe that it is important for women to take a proactive approach to managing their health," concludes Ms. Tan. "To this end, our goal is to encourage more women across the territory to take control of their wellness, learn the facts they need to make smart choices, eat right, exercise regularly, and remain socially engaged."

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