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Tianjin Installs Intelligent LED Street Lights with Current, powered by GE

2016-03-09 10:05

SHANGHAI, March 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The city of Tianjin, China, is the first in Asia to partner with GE’s energy start-up Current to installintelligent LED street lights in the central business district of Yujiapu. The intelligent street lights will help drive a 50- 60% reduction in energy, as well as offer connected features such as security cameras, digital signage or routers for free WiFi.

GE Intelligent City Model
GE Intelligent City Model

The intelligent street lights are already bringing benefit to the district, enabling the city to broadcast critical messages or advertising on attached digital screens and quickly connect citizens to the Internet, but the potential possibilities are endless. In the future, Current’s intelligent street lights will embed sensors and software that connect to Predix, GE’s cloud platform for the Industrial Internet, to pull and analyze data to drive new outcomes for the city and its residents such as detecting real-time traffic patterns, pointing drivers to available parking spaces, or helping emergency responders react to situations before they arrive on scene.

“Current’s energy-efficient LEDs are helping the city use and analyze data in new ways to solve challenges and open newopportunities for employees and residents alike,” explains JinyuChang, President and Chairman of Tianjin High-Trend Company, a joint venture and system integrator for the city. “In the future, these networked LED street lights will improve public resources and city assets, including public information, promotion and communication, congestion warnings, air quality monitoring and more.”

Introduction of Current, Powered by GE
Introduction of Current, Powered by GE

In addition to broadening the street light’s data capture and analysis, additional deployments of the intelligent street lights are being considered for other areas of the city.

“We are extremely proud of the benefits our intelligent LED technology have for cities like Tianjin,” says John Gordon, Current’s Chief Digital Officer. “Not only do they offer significant energy savings, but they are enabling new outcomes to continue to make cities more workable and livable.”

Meeting of GE Representative and Tianjin Government
Meeting of GE Representative and Tianjin Government

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Source: GE Current

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