Unilever Wins Sustainable Business Award of British Business Awards 2016

2016-11-10 16:55 2765

SHANGHAI, Nov. 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Unilever China was announced the winner of the Sustainable Business Award of British Business Awards 2016 recently.

The British Business Awards was inaugurated in 2008 and held every two years since then by the British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai. Over the years, the Awards has grown into a prestigious feature of the business calendar. It aims to recognize and promote excellence in innovation, enterprise and endeavor in the British and Chinese business communities. As one of the eight categories of the British Business Awards, the Sustainable Business Award looks to recognize organizations that have shown a commitment to the building of sustainable business in China, and to help promote the benefits of a sustainable business model in the Chinese market. Since 2010, Unilever has been listed on the finalist of the Sustainable Business Award Category every time and won the awards in 2012 and 2016 respectively.

According to the criteria of the Award, judges are looking for evidence of an organization that has a clearly identified vision and set of values, successfully embedding sustainable business strategy and practices across its operations in China. They are seeking a business that not only looks to deliver improved shareholder performance but also promotes economic prosperity, improved environmental quality and social equity. Furthermore, judges are looking for a commitment at the organization to educating its employees, customers and the broader community on the importance of sustainability. Equally importantly, judges value commitments to ethical operation and conformance to business conduct supported by a sound corporate governance structure and system. Unilever's efforts in embedding sustainability into everyday practice at every aspects of its business in China was considered as something significant and meaningful by the judges.

Since the launch of Unilever Sustainability Living Plan (USLP) in 2010, Unilever has been committed to growing business, whilst decoupling the environmental footprint from the growth and increasing the positive social impact. Many of the USLP projects carried out those years have showed that a sustainable business model can lead to growth, build trust, reduce risk and costs, and eventually achieve all-win. Sustainability has been at the core of Unilever's vision, and this is evident throughout its operations.

Unilever has long-term commitment to China. The award provides Unilever with high recognition for its continued progress in delivering its sustainable targets and building a sustainable business model in the Chinese market at three platforms of "A better future for the planet", "A better future for children" and "A better future for farmers" by inspiring people to take small, everyday actions, to make a big difference to the world.

Source: Unilever