Up and Running: Oud Essentials Launches in Geneva

Oud Essentials
2017-02-21 10:00 1565

GENEVA, Feb. 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- With 'changing the face of skincare' merely a part of its bold mission statement, Oud Essentials stepped on to the global stage in Geneva, with the soft launch of its range of skincare products and accessories.

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Assembled at the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues in Geneva on Friday night, for the Dukascopy Bank monthly gathering, were many movers and shakers in the Swiss business world, as well as those curious to witness the debut of a new company boasting innovative products and big ambitions.

With items on display, and samples available, considerable interest was expressed in a skincare product range that features Oud for the very first time in an ultra-competitive industry.

Oud Essentials includes the resinous heartwood of the Aquilaria tree - distilled to perfection to produce a 100% pure essential oil - in all its products. This is a 'world first', and gives each expression, from the luxurious Regenerating Serum through to the potentially miraculous Dual-Phase Oil, a cutting edge in a highly lucrative market.

All the Oud used in Oud Essentials' products is sustainably sourced and of known provenance - emanating from dedicated plantations in Southeast Asia over which the company has complete control. The vertically integrated business model that Oud Essentials has put in place is both timely and effective, respecting the communities that work so hard to produce the constituent ingredients as well as the environment itself.

"There's always tension and apprehension when a new company unveils itself," said Jean-Marc Dufat, CEO, Oud Essentials, "but if the response on Friday evening is anything to go by, we're definitely on to something. This is a story that has been in the making for thousands of years, as well as a fascinating journey for me personally. Oud came to my attention a few years ago, and I have been drawn to it ever since. The question became; how to involve it in the world of skincare? I think we've found the answer."

Oud has been used for millennia in the treatment of a variety of ailments, but is also part of the fabric of society in many cultures (and religions) around the world. Revered for its physical and psychoactive properties - particularly in Asia and the Middle East - Oud is now coming to the attention of the rest of the world, while its inclusion in the world of skincare is groundbreaking.

"Everyone knows about Oud in the Middle East," continued Dufat, "and it's been used for generations. Over the last few years it has become a very important ingredient in the international fragrance market, which has brought it rather more to the attention of the western world, but there is still a lot of mystery. At Oud Essentials, after a great deal of research and development, we felt that it was a logical step to try to bring it to an even wider audience. Oud is so remarkable in terms of its properties - something that the 'Ancients' knew about and that we are now finally beginning to understand - that its efficacy in skincare was something that we had to look in to. We've been delighted with the results, and our launch is particularly gratifying after so many years of hard work."

With plans already in place for a launch in Asia in a few weeks' time, Oud Essentials looks well set to 'change the face of skincare' across the globe with its exciting, original and highly effective range of products and accessories.

"This is just the beginning," concluded Dufat, "in our efforts to impact the skincare industry and promote a healthy, socially and environmentally conscious lifestyle. We couldn't have hoped, however, for a better start."

Oud Essentials 

A new brand, a new face, and a new name in the global skincare industry, Oud Essentials enhances the remarkable properties and qualities of agarwood and Oud in a range of products that are designed to be part of a skincare regimen and an approach to a healthy lifestyle that embraces a story thousands of years in the making.

With real products for real people in the real world, the Oud Essentials' skincare range, along with its beautifully designed jewellery and natural infusions formulated to promote spiritual and physical wellbeing, embodies the pioneering spirit of innovation and creativity, with respect paid to the environment, communities, and the concept of sustainability that has become essential to all of us.  

Source: Oud Essentials