ActionCOACH Inspires the Creation of an Entrepreneur School for Underprivileged Teens

An initiative aims to break the cycle of poverty in Indonesia.
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JAKARTA, Indonesia, Aug. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- One of Indonesia's most prominent business coaching company, ActionCOACH Jakarta, coaches non-profits in an attempt to break the cycle of poverty in the country.

YPU students presented musical drama “Dian - The Musical, Road to a Musical Film."
YPU students presented musical drama “Dian - The Musical, Road to a Musical Film."

Most Indonesian citizens fall below the poverty line. But the cycle of poverty is maintained through ineffective foster homes that treat children & teens with pity and condition them to receive and expect donations. These institutions produce generations of lazy and disempowered people, who do not have the ownership nor the skills to improve their own lives.

Almost a decade ago, ActionCOACH inspired Martin Gea to build Yayasan Prima Unggul (YPU), an entrepreneurial school for underprivileged teens. Today, the school has produced a group of empowered teens who develop businesses, work in stable jobs, get higher education, and participate in international student-exchange programs to enrich their knowledge.

"ActionCOACH inspired us to professionalise our non-profit organisation and believe in our dreams. The main mission of YPU is to break the cycle of poverty in Indonesia through Entrepreneurial-based Education. We teach students vocational skills and the right mindset. They learn that a meaningful life starts with contributing to others," said Martin Gea, Founder of Yayasan Prima Unggul.

YPU students currently run a number of successful businesses to subsidize their living expenses, including:

  • A Catering Service to produce, promote, sell the snacks & full-meals through online and offline platforms.
  • A Vocal Group to produce and sell musical drama, such as the recent "Dian" featuring some of Indonesia's well-known singers and musicians. The play inspired and received positive reviews from top media.
  • A Training Center where YPU students travel to share their stories of personal development & success to other foster homes & regular schools. Their message is "If we can do it, you can too."
  • A Motorcycle Wash Service fully run by YPU students.

"Yayasan Prima Unggul is our biggest success story outside the business world. We want to let people know that business coaching can create a real impact not only for corporations but for other parts of the economy including the non-profit system as well. We want donators & government committees to realize they shouldn't just hand out money to these children, but rather invest it in proper education & empowerment programs to offer a more sustainable impact towards the eradication of poverty," said Prijono Nugroho, Managing Partner of ActionCOACH Jakarta.

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