ActionCOACH Shares How to Design CSR Programs for SME's with Measurable Impact

2019-06-25 15:03 1587

JAKARTA, Indonesia, June 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- With President Joko Widodo's re-election last month, the push for Indonesian companies to give back to local communities through their corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives is expected to continue. Since 2014, Widodo has been encouraging businesses to invest in the country and help it grow. That in return, has prompted businesses to invest in CSR initiatives that can provide results.

A CSR program to empower entrepreneurship
A CSR program to empower entrepreneurship

Some Indonesian CSR funds are being directed to small-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to build up their businesses. According to ActionCOACH, an experienced business coaching brand with a franchise network in over 80 countries, this is a good step towards empowering the entrepreneurship movement in Indonesia. However, many programs do not actually improve the financial sustainability of SMEs. They give education and inspiration but do not necessarily guide people to achieve real improvements in revenues, profits, and cash.

"For example, at some seminars or conferences, the organiser would only invite prominent speakers to share insights without giving structured guidance & accountability in the execution. As a result, the sponsoring company have no real way to market their community impact," said Prijono Nugroho, Managing Partner ActionCOACH Jakarta.

Established in 1993, the business coaching company said a successful program must contain four main points: education, planning, guidance, and accountability.

  • Education: Equipping business owners with frameworks & skills to understand how to grow a profitable business, find the root cause of their challenges, and create solutions. 
  • Planning: Help them to prioritise & focus their limited resources on the most impactful activities every 90 days. 
  • Guidance: Provide a sparring partner & experienced Coach to guide the actual implementation or fine-tune their execution.
  • Accountability: Ensure they commit to and fulfill their deadlines to ensure things are done on time and progress is made.

Boardgame Lounge, Indonesia's first boardgame cafe, was a participant of an ActionCOACH-led programme in 2015 and its business has been expanding since.

"I used to run this business on my own. My coach guided me to manage my finances and create systems. Now I have two more branches, more income, and a business that runs without me," said Winda Varesa, CEO of Boardgame Lounge.

With 26 years' experience in business coaching, ActionCOACH delivers its proven development systems to tens of thousands of business owners in more than 80 countries each week.

In Indonesia, the company holds a quarterly event called the Jakarta Business Excellence Forum where success-minded entrepreneurs and business leaders gather to learn, network, and get practical strategies that prepare them for the months ahead. Senior Coaches and proven entrepreneurs share advanced topics and best practices to accelerate results.

The next event will be held on September 5, 2019.

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Source: ActionCOACH Jakarta