AirPay FinTech expands eCommerce partnership with UnionPay and launches Alipay campaign with high-end retailers in Australia

  • eCommerce merchants can accept UnionPay Online Payment via AirPay FinTech, with extra Chinese marketing support
  • Black Diamond campaign is well accepted by shoppers during Boxing Day

MELBOURNE, Australia, Jan. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Australia marketing & payment service provider AirPay Financial Technologies "AirPay FinTech" announces eCommerce partnership with UnionPay, a leading international payment network, to offer UnionPay Online Payment in Australia.

In June 2020, AirPay FinTech first launched its UnionPay QR code acquiring services in Australia. UnionPay QR code payment is accepted at over 29 million merchants in mainland China and is accepted in 33 countries and regions outside mainland China.

Co-founder of AirPay FinTech Simon Tse said, "In response to the growing demand for online payment & Chinese marketing services, we have further expanded UnionPay partnership to eCommerce landscape."

"We had a joint venture, ToPay, with leading media group Today Australia last year, and we foresee more strategic partnership, merging & acquisition in 2021," said Tse.

Co-founder of ToPay Stanley Yan said, "We are thrilled to integrate UnionPay Online Payment into our ToPay bill payment product. UnionPay is a popular payment method for overseas Chinese students, providing them a simple and convenient way to pay for tuition fee & everyday bills."

"We look forward to launching UnionPay Online Payment onto new eCommerce platform Umall," said Yan.

In December, AirPay FinTech partnered with Alipay to launch "Black Diamond" campaign to key luxury retailers. Black Diamond is the most privileged membership category within Alipay. By scanning a unique QR code, Alipay users can redeem the best exchange rate offered by Alipay. The campaign is well accepted by Chinese shoppers during Boxing Day.

About AirPay Financial Technologies

AirPay FinTech provides one-stop marketing & payment services for merchants to better communicate with Chinese consumers via marketing, media and payment intelligence. Retail clients include Gucci, YSL, BV, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Valentino, MaxMara, Moncler, Off-White, Harrolds, Marais, Mulberry, Furla, Victoria's Secret, BrasNthings, Adidas, Champion, Glue Store, Sneakerboy, Culture King, AliceMcCall, Aje, etc.

AirPay FinTech offers Shopify & AsiaPay online payment plugins for online retailers.

About ToPay

ToPay is an app-based bill payment product powered by AirPay FinTech and is embedded within Today Australia app.

Along with the strategic partnership with Gobbill, ToPay is selected as one of the finalists in Finnie Awards 2020.

Source: AirPay Financial Technology Pty Ltd