Akkad Holdings Asia and FKS Group Announce Global Partnership

Akkad Holdings Asia, LLC
2019-12-13 05:49 917

DETROIT, Dec. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Akkad Holdings Asia, LLC and the FKS Group today announced a global strategic partnership, FKS Akkad Capital, LP. The partnership will combine Akkad Holdings Asia's expertise, proven entrepreneurial success and its exceptional network with the know-how, resources and the global reach of the FKS Group.

Efficient distribution plays an increasingly critical role in every aspect of global entrepreneurial ventures, including those in the medical device and emerging health care fields. Companies recognize the need to accelerate the development of innovative ways to ensure their competitiveness in the future. FKS Akkad Capital brings together deep skills in business, global strategy, product ideation, technology development, and organizational change management.

"The FKS Akkad Capital partnership is a powerful combination. The FKS Group's understanding and proven performance in startup companies, including medical device products, its engineering expertise, innovative approach and its capital resources are uniquely complementary to Akkad Holdings Asia's team," said Stephen Shaya, M.D. and President and founder of Akkad Holdings Asia. "With our global experience and the synergistic capabilities of FKS, this partnership will allow us to drive far more business opportunities with urgency," Dr. Shaya added.

"We are partnering with Akkad Holdings Asia to build a successful portfolio of startup companies and investments that provide the very best in solutions. We will concentrate our resources and efforts, including designing and building the next generation of products and platforms," said Ms. Fei-Kai Syu, CEO of the FKS Group. "Working together closely as a team, we will discover the potential of new opportunities within or beyond the current business landscape and in areas such as health care and medical devices."

As a sign of its commitment to the partnership, Akkad Holdings Asia will take an ownership stake in the FKS Group in the near future. Dr. Shaya will also become a board member of the FKS Group and a Managing General Partner of FKS Akkad Capital, LP. It is anticipated that the partnership will be fully operational in the first quarter of 2020.

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About Akkad Holdings Asia, LLC

Akkad Holdings Asia is owned by Stephen Shaya, M.D., a medical doctor with proven experience in more than 16 different business enterprises—from medical distribution to specialty distribution such as veterinary and emergency medical supplies. These programs have been recognized, nationally and globally, for improving clinical outcomes and quality while providing significant cost savings. In addition to his global business success, Dr. Shaya is involved in philanthropic activities around the world, making every effort to offer new innovative products that improve lives and provide a better world for the next generations. Dr. Shaya resides in Michigan, where his business is headquartered.

About the FKS Group

The FKS Group strives to be at the forefront of the evolving healthcare industry with a broad range of interests and experience in startups and privately-owned ventures with great success. FKS provides strategic solutions for its customers and clients and is passionate about offering the best solutions, such as its line of healthcare products. The Group focuses on high-quality research, development, and innovation involving artificial intelligence (AI).

Founder and Chairman, Fei-Kai Syu, received her master's degree from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Ms. Syu was also Director of Pharmacy at Chang Bing Show Chwan Memorial Hospital in Taiwan. The FKS Group is headquartered in Taiwan with subsidiaries in San Diego, California and Shanghai.

Source: Akkad Holdings Asia, LLC