Alcott Global Announces Top 30 Leaders in Supply Chain Awards 2022

2022-10-05 13:00 2106

SINGAPORE, Oct. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Alcott Global rewards excellence in the global Supply Chain industry at the first annual Leaders in Supply Chain Gala Awards, which took place online, featuring leading global Supply Chain C-level executives.

It's time to celebrate and shine a light onto the important work the Supply Chain Leaders are doing on digitizing operations, on decarbonization and sustainability, as well as on creating a diverse and equitable environment for the supply chain teams to excel.

During three weeks, 136 Supply Chain Leaders from 106 countries and representing 110 companies, 49% coming from North America, 31% from Europe and the remaining 20% from Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, were nominated.

The jury members had intensely reviewed the applications in the following month and their scores accounted for 75% of the weightage in determining the Top 30 Supply Chain Leaders. In order to make the awarding process as objective as we could, the 25% weightage in the ranking calculation, came through the votes of 500 executives, director-VP-SVP leaders in supply chain.

Submissions addressed how the nominee's leadership has led to:

  • a quantifiably more diverse and engaged workforce
  • to a practical impact using digital technologies, and
  • to clear results in terms of innovation in sustainability

The ranking process looked at an end-to-end supply chain experience, in a global or continental role, in a business of at least half a billion dollars. Finally, their company's revenue growth while they were in the role, as well as their commitment to SDGs and UN Global Compact, were considered.

The jury members, which are authorities in the industry from various regions across the world, are:

  • Raul Portela da Cunha, Operating Partner at Alteri Investors
  • Beth Morgan, Founder & CEO of boom!
  • Daniel Stanton, Mr. Supply Chain
  • Deborah Dull, Senior Director Research at Zero100
  • Radu Palamariu, Managing Director Asia Pacific & Europe at Alcott Global

The Top 5 Leaders in Supply Chain are:

  • Sandra MacQuillan, EVP & CSCO at Mondelēz International
  • Mourad Tamoud, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Schneider Electric
  • Roberto Canevari, Executive Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer at The Estée Lauder Companies
  • Sami Pascal Naffakh, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Reckitt
  • Harald Emberger, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Beiersdorf

They received a trophy designed by Romanian artist Albert Sofian.

"The Leaders in Supply Chain Awards trophies are true works of art, created and executed by the Romanian artist Albert Sofian, as symbols of a supply chain-connected globe. A trajectory surrounding the globe represents the characteristics of supply chain leadership, including strength, resilience and the ability to overcome obstacles, ending with gold at the top – the pinnacle of a successful leadership journey." - Radu Palamariu

The Top 25 Leaders are listed on the event press portal.

A word from the Jury Members:

"I've got to tell you being a judge for this competition was so hard. There were more than a hundred nominations from amazing leaders all around the world. Thanks to everybody that nominated leaders so that we could recognize the great work that they're doing. And congratulations especially to the folks who have won this year's awards." – Daniel Stanton, Mr. Supply Chain

"What I love about these awards is that not only do they recognize the scope of that challenge, from a day-to-day operational perspective, but they also highlight and celebrate leadership, vision, innovation and impact on digital transformation, on sustainability. It's not just about the numbers. It's also about a more human, compassionate side of leadership." – Beth Morgan, Founder & CEO of boom!

"Learning about the nominees' experiences, and their backgrounds has been very, very humbling, and very enriching experience for me personally, understanding the journeys, motivations, the challenges, and all the accomplishments has been a comforting reminder of the ever-increasing importance of this amazing, amazing subject that is supply chain."Raul Portela da Cunha, Operating Partner at Alteri Investors

"I wish a huge congratulations to the supply chain community, to all of you who are nominated by your teams, and to our winners who are showing leadership within their organizations and across the broader supply chain community and beyond. The work you're doing is important, and the decisions you're making, make a huge difference on the planet, on our teams and on our communities. Thank you for the work you do and congratulations!"Deborah Dull, Senior Director Research at Zero100

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