Anti-counterfeiting business progress of Sinopharm Tech

Coverage of cooperate users expanded to health product industry

HONG KONG, Sept. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- As of today, Sinopharm Tech Holdings Limited ("Sinopharm Tech") has entered into commercial contracts for the provision of Guoke innovative anti-counterfeiting products ("Guoke Innovative Anti-counterfeiting Products"), and the contracted quantity of Guoke Innovation Anti-counterfeiting Products is approximately 17 million per year in average. Recently, Shenzhen Guoke Anti-counterfeiting Technology Co., Ltd ("Guoke Anti-counterfeiting"), a direct wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinopharm Tech signed a commercial contract with Qinghai Qinghai-Tibet Bees Thoroughbred Plant ("Qinghai Qinghai-Tibet Bees"), and Guoke Anti-counterfeiting will supply Guoke Innovative Anti-counterfeiting Products to all Qinghai Qinghai-Tibet Bees products. Guoke Anti-counterfeiting has entered into commercial contracts with corporate users in various industries, and the coverage has expanded from the existing industries of tea leaves, natural food and cosmetics e-commerce platform to health product industry. Guoke Anti-counterfeiting provides Guoke Innovative Anti-counterfeiting Products to corporate users with an innovative anti-counterfeiting function and product marketing while making a contribution to public welfare.

The concept of the integration of anti-counterfeiting and interactive marketing in Guoke Innovative Anti-counterfeiting Products does not only protect the reputation of brands, but also strengthen the consumer groups for brand owners. The application of Guoke Innovative Anti-counterfeiting Products will continue to expand its coverage to the products in various industries, providing new retail solutions with the characteristics of anti-counterfeiting, marketing and public welfare.

Brand owners are placing increasing emphasis on maintaining the integrity of products and brands. There are also stricter anti-counterfeiting laws and regulations implemented by the government, the market for product anti-counterfeiting verification and brand protection is growing rapidly. Consumers have a strong demand for original and authentic products, also creating market opportunities in anti-counterfeiting verification and brand protection. Up to now, the Group has completed the closed loop of the overall anti-counterfeiting solution process from obtaining patented technology licenses, connecting various suppliers in the production process, expanding clientele to launch the finished product for anti-counterfeiting business.

Mr. CHAN Ting, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Sinopharm Tech, said, "The Group's anti-counterfeiting business has taken a further step in the exploration of industry applications. At the same time, the increasingly mature business model will be replicated to a wider range of applications with the support of the Company's resources and operation setup in different regions. The cooperation with different corporate users will continue to strengthen the brand influence of the Guoke Innovative Anti-counterfeiting Products."

About Sinopharm Tech Holdings Limited

Sinopharm Tech Holdings Limited is a company that provides integrated solutions on lottery and "Internet Plus", as well as the personal protective equipment. Sinopharm Tech is engaged in (i) the provision of lottery-related services; (ii) Internet plus services (solution and supply chain); (iii) manufacturing and distribution of personal protective equipment; and (iv) other services. In 2019, the Group successfully introduced Sinopharm Traditional Chinese Medicine Co. Ltd., a member of China Traditional National Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd., as one of the main strategic shareholders.

The Group has been deeply involved in China's welfare lottery and sports lottery industries for more than 20 years, and is committed to bringing different innovative solutions to the industry, from lottery systems, interactive marketing of "Internet Plus", to the latest anti-counterfeiting business with previous experience of lottery and interactive marketing involved. The Group has been granted the licensed patent rights, plus the support of extensive experience, which help the Group pave the way for the Group to achieve the multi-industry and multi-region market penetration and make a profit.

Source: Sinopharm Tech Holdings Limited
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