Aquagem InverPro Redefines the Energy-Saving Pool Pump

2022-06-22 13:07 793

GUANGZHOU, China, June 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Aquagem, the creator of inverter pool pump, presents how its latest full inverter technology provides users a more energy-efficient pool system.

Along with the most significant global energy crisis, the electricity prices in Europe are skyrocketing. Providing energy-saving products is becoming the mission of the enterprises. Aquagem develops the inverter pool pump to contribute to a more energy-efficient pool.

InverSilence® Tech: Stepless Speed Regulation, Limitless Energy Efficient

From single-speed to variable speed, the evolution of pool pumps is showing an undeniable trend: multiple speed options. Why?

Behind the multiple speed of the pool pump are the multiple demands on usage and maintenance of the pool, such as filter, heating, sanitation, and back-wash. Each usage scenario requires a different water flow rate, a pool pump with defined speeds will inevitably result in energy waste.

Unrestricted by speed regulation only at certain levels, the inverter pool pump is capable of stepless speed regulation from 30% to 100%, providing diversified speed options for different scenarios, and achieving the perfect balance between multi-scene demands and energy efficiency.

InverPro: No Excess Energy Cost, No Excess User-Operation.

Thanks to the patented InverSilence® technology, Aquagem inverter pool pump InverPro allows the users to preset the flow rate, and the pump will adjust the real-time speed automatically. Therefore, the inverter pool pumps always run at the most appropriate flow, so as to conserve the energy to the maximum extent. Besides, it can provide active learning of the actual pipeline operating pressure and the working conditions of the swimming pool.

With the InverSilence® technology, InverPro reaches up to 15 times more energy-saving than on/off pool pumps.

The Magic of InverPro:

  • 15 Times Energy-Saving — making 24/7 flowing crystal pool water possible
  • 30 Times More Silent — 36 dB(A) ensuring quiet swimming experience
  • Smart Full Touch Screen — bringing easy & convenient operation
  • Intelligence Technology — AI Mode offering automatic learning and lower maintenance cost

The inverter pool pump is a revolution in technology and user experience. In many countries, household energy bills have increased by 25% over the past few years. With 2030 approaching, driven by zero-carbon policies, the benefits of inverter technology for pool pumps are self-evident.

About Aquagem

Aquagem is the first leading full inverter pool pump supplier based in Guangdong, China. We design, develop, manufacture and market value-generating inverter pool pumps for global users. Explore more about Aquagem.


Source: Aquagem Technology Limited