ATP Electronics' Latest pSLC Embedded SSDs Offer Best TCO with Customizable Endurance

ATP Electronics
2020-10-19 09:00 2315

Own-Developed FW and Manufacturing Processes Configured to Meet Diverse Embedded/Industrial Workloads and Applications

TAIPEI, Oct. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- ATP Electronics, the leading manufacturer of "Industrial Only" memory and storage solutions launches the A700Pi/E700Pi Series, a new generation of Premium Line pSLC NAND-based embedded SSDs. A game-changing highlight for this generation is a new ATP-developed firmware and supporting mass production infrastructure, which are fully customizable to endurance configurations that are tailor-fitted to customer's requirements, to address any variety of embedded/industrial usage cases. This once again demonstrates ATP's commitment to deliver optimal total cost of ownership (TCO) value for its customers as storage demands of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), edge computing, and other high-reliability applications continue the upsurge.

"At the outset, off-the-shelf NAND flash storage products might be the easiest, cost-friendly solutions to growing storage demands; however, initial purchase costs do not present the big picture and customers can actually end up spending more as hidden costs turn up in the long run. The challenge is the usage case diversity we see across various projects. ATP encounters a different workload, and thus different assessment and drive configuration requirements, for almost every customer," said Peter Huang, Head of ATP's Embedded SSD Business Unit.

"We were previously able to custom-configure firmware development for our larger-volume strategic customers; by redesigning our product firmware, production testing tools, and even operational processes, we can now customize products for a wider base of customers, including those with smaller volume requirements," Huang continued.

Premium Line: Best TCO Value for Cost per TBW/DWPD Endurance

ATP's Premium Line uses advanced controller and firmware technologies to make sure that the offerings meet and even exceed the endurance requirements of demanding applications.

Premium Line storage solutions are purpose-built for applications that require uncompromising endurance and reliability at lower user capacities. These embedded flash storage devices are configured with pseudo single-level cell (pSLC) to extend the general endurance to more than 10 times of the same triple-level cell (TLC) products. The pSLC technology dramatically improves the sustained write performance and reliability of the drives, making them suitable for write-intensive applications. By storing only 1 bit per cell, Premium Line solutions drive down TCO with longer service life using the most cost-effective NAND flash technology available.

ATP experts are available to help customers assess the best TCO solution through customization options. By carefully assessing, customizing and delivering products fitted to customer's requirements, ATP can help ensure the most optimal purchase decisions.

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