AuraPortal Announces Launch of AuraPortal Remote Work

2020-04-15 22:00 1531

AuraPortal launches AuraPortal Remote Work with essential features to maintain and even increase the productivity of the entire business ecosystem within a remote work environment.

MIAMI, April 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- AuraPortal launches a new business solution called AuraPortal Remote Work which immediately gives any company the possibility to work remotely. With AuraPortal Remote Work, companies gain complete control and task traceability to help them successfully transition to remote working. The solution coordinates interactions between people, devices and systems using automated flows and the powerful multifunctional business application platform.

AuraPortal Remote Work incorporates essential features and applications to help companies quickly and successfully implement remote working, including:

  • Technical assistance
  • Purchasing process
  • Document management
  • Administrative permissions
  • Activity recording
  • Dynamic workflow
  • Home page designed for remote working
  • Activity monitoring reports

Optional features include chatbots and virtual agents based on Microsoft technology that can be easily trained and personalized to help businesses offer an improved customer experience and augment worker efficiency using artificial intelligence.

"A Remote working strategy enables companies to focus on what is truly important, basing achievement on objectives instead of calculating hours worked in front of a desk," comments Pablo Trilles, AuraPortal CEO. "It also gives companies the freedom to hire the best talent, wherever they are based."

AuraPortal recognizes the importance of this work modality which is becoming increasingly popular and is helping to improve productivity in companies worldwide. The success of transitioning to a remote working model will depend on companies having the right tools and strategies to support and enable employees to work efficiently. By incorporating the essential features in an easy-to-use tool, AuraPortal has turbocharged the pace of transition to remote working.

For more information visit: AuraPortal Remote Work Platform

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