Baseus First Ultralight 100W QC5 GaN Laptop Charger

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SHENZHEN, China, April 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Since the birth of Baseus, digital device charging has been more convenient. In virtue of its proven process and techniques, it has provided users with many original technologies and products, including 45W, 65W, 120W and 100W GaN chargers, which have been making cell phone charge more convenient and faster. However, this time Baseus focuses on laptop chargers and is going to launch the latest 100W GaN laptop charger on the market remaining unchanged.

How does a company make a charger compatible with all laptops? Perhaps QC5(Qualcomm Quick Charge 5) is a breakthrough point. A number of manufacturers have already focused on QC5 developing and launching devices compatible with QC5. As a well-known brand in the field of charging devices, Baseus has proved itself to be a forward thinking company with innovative strength through its products, such as the world's first 65W GaN charger and the world's first 120W GaN charger.

New Baseus 100W GaN charger is equipped with QC5. It is worth mentioning that this is the first GaN charger on the market equipped with QC5.

Baseus First Ultralight 100W QC5 GaN Laptop Charger
Baseus First Ultralight 100W QC5 GaN Laptop Charger

This new Baseus charger features fast charging for laptops. In addition to supporting PD, PPS and other mainstream standard protocols, it also supports QC5. As many laptops on the market support QC5 Baseus's GaN charger breaks through the barrier of charging protocols based on this technology.

Baseus 100W QC5 GaN charger has three main features: it is compatible with all laptops and lightweight, and has faster charging speed. Moreover, it is easy to carry around because its size is reduced by 40%, which is smaller than that of a 96W charger. What's more, the pins are foldable so as to prevent other belongings in your bag from scratching.

In terms of safety, this charger meets QC5 standard. It supports 100W high power output, adaptive input voltage, and low-temperature charging. Rest assured that it can fast charge high power devices such as laptops.

The launch of the world's first 100W QC5 GaN charger is an manifestation of Baseus's strong R&D strength, which also blazes a trail for the popularization of QC5 chargers and help Baseus gain the initiative again. More importantly, it is a testament to its brand slogan"Charge Fast, Baseus First".

Laptops have become the major target of Baseus QC5 GaN charger that can achieve up to 100W PD fast charging. The main purpose is to let users experience fast charging on laptops as fast and safe as fast charging on phones. Moreover, it is the first charger meets QC5 standard on the market, so it is compatible with both all PD laptops on the market and QC5 laptops. So if you are looking for a portable charger for your business trips, this 100W QC5 GaN laptop charger will never let you down.

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