Beaubelle: Move Over Anti-Aging.

It's Time To Age Joyfully With Swiss Calm!
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GENEVA, Jan. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Age is just a number. It's the life in your years that matter, not the years in your life. Youth has been traditionally portrayed as the image of beauty and prime of life while aging is something dreadful that we fight against. The struggle with aging causes stress which affects our wellness and ultimately skin health.

Beaubelle, an avant-garde Swiss skin care brand, has created the 'Age Joyfully with Body Mind & Soul Harmony' movement to challenge the 'anti-aging' norm to inspire women to enjoy and celebrate whatever age they are and be comfortable in their own skin. To 'age joyfully' will make you adopt healthier behaviours, give yourself more self-love and ultimately enhance your immune system.

As women get older, their oestrogen levels drop and this causes some skin discomforts like dryness, tightness, itchiness and flabbiness. In order to boost the immunity of such skin condition, Beaubelle has launched Swiss Calm to restore comfort to sensitive and sensitized skin by strengthening the skin's immune response to all types of stressors. This superpower quartet of cleanser, serum, oil and cream contains microbiota-enhancing actives to harmonize and stabilize the skin's ecosystem.

Ultra Gentle Cleansing Mousse/Mousse Nettoyante Ultra Douce

  • A lotion-to-aerial mousse sulfate-free cleanser.

Skin Savior Soothing Serum/Sérum Apaisant Pour la Peau

  • A skin serum with potent anti-inflammatories.

Stress Manager – Swiss Rejuvenating Oil/Huile de Rajeunissement Suisse

  • A facial oil rich in antioxidants.

Extra Calming Skin Relief Cream/Crème Apaisante Pour la Peau

  • Super hydrating and soothing skin moisturizer.

Beaubelle Swiss Calm nurtures the microbiome with 100% natural ingredients to help skin recover faster and build a stronger skin barrier. Swiss Alpine Spring Water in every Beaubelle product contains iodine and mineral salts that gently soothe irritated skin and maximize skin healing. Beaubelle, with its efficacious formulations, de-stresses and boosts hydration for skin health improvement!

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Source: Beaubelle