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BIGO Technology to Drive Its R&D Centre in Singapore and Be A Global AI Solution Provider to Companies and Governments

2018-06-05 11:01

SINGAPORE, June 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On last Friday, Jason Hu Jianqiang Chief Technology Officer of BIGO Technology shared with attendees at the inaugural SINO AI Forum 2018 on the transformative progress of BIGO's AI technology and its applications to synthesise large amounts of information, to improve lives and also help raise the productivity when applied to cybersecurity application. This is also in line with Singapore government latest drive to bring about Artificial Intelligence adoption across the economy and society.

Jason Hu Jianqiang Chief Technology Officer of BIGO Technology shared with attendees at SINO AI FORUM 2018 held in Nanjing 1 June 2018
Jason Hu Jianqiang Chief Technology Officer of BIGO Technology shared with attendees at SINO AI FORUM 2018 held in Nanjing 1 June 2018

"On average, BIGO has to screen 600-700 thousand of livestreaming broadcasts and over 100 million of photographs content daily which are generated by users on our platform. With both AI surveillance monitoring system and a team of surveillance officers based globally we are able to identify 96% of inappropriate content on our platforms with limited manpower. Additionally, the system is continuously learning and picking up new behaviour. Policing of inappropriate content still remains as our company's top priority."

He adds on that this technology solution is extremely versatile and can be applied globally to not just private companies but also for government usages. Recently, Indonesia government ministry KOMINFO had engaged BIGO's AI technology solution to aid in their cyber monitoring. He hopes to have more of such successful partnerships while helping companies and government to incorporate AI technology solutions into their work-frame.

BIGO Technology also announces they have opened a R&D centre in Singapore and is currently hiring a team of 100 AI experts and engineers to join the centre and to spearhead its Artificial Intelligence Research & Development programmes. The centre will also be the key research centre responsible for the company's future R&D progress.

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