BIWIN Unveils New Logo to Mark the Dawn of a New Era

SHENZHEN, China, May 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- BIWIN, a leader in storage and memory products for the embedded, industrial, and consumer markets, is proud to announce the launch of its new logo. This visual transformation is a significant milestone, symbolizing BIWIN's evolution and its ambitious vision for the future.

New BIWIN Corporate LOGO.
New BIWIN Corporate LOGO.

A Design Rooted in Infinite Possibilities

The new logo features a cut-glass angular design, seamlessly integrating the sharpness and agility that define BIWIN's innovative spirit. At first glance, the logo depicts the first letter of the brand name, "B." However, a closer look reveals deeper symbolism: an infinity loop representing limitless, cutting-edge possibilities across all of BIWIN's lines of business.

The accompanying tagline, "Infinite Storage, Unlimited Solutions" speaks to BIWIN's confident analysis of the future of the storage industry and the company's ability to play an even more important role in that future.

"The new logo reflects a new starting point, a point where we now have higher expectations for the development of BIWIN in a new era, and under new BIWIN leadership," said Richie Sun, Founder and Consultant at BIWIN Storage Technology.

"This new logo is so much more than a design change; it embodies the essence of our journey and the boundless opportunities we see ahead," adds Sam Sun, Chairman of BIWIN. "We wanted a logomark that reflects our commitment to infinite innovation and our readiness to tackle future challenges with courage and agility."

Symbolizing Growth and Future Vision

The launch of the new logo comes at a pivotal moment in BIWIN's history. Having completed an impressive second-stage growth which saw BIWIN listed on the stock Market [#688525], BIWIN is now poised to enter its 3.0 era. This phase is marked by advanced packaging expertise, expanded facilities, and competitive strides in a new computing landscape increasingly stimulated by AI technology.

"Our new logo signifies our optimism and readiness to embrace the opportunities the next decade will bring," explained Sam Sun, Chairman of BIWIN. "With AI transforming the world of computing, and the continuous growth in gaming, eSports, IoT, and big data, we are set to capitalize on these trends and drive substantial growth in the storage and memory market."

BIWIN's Kevin Xu, SVP, added, "We will continue to innovate technologically and explore the unlimited potential to provide better and more professional storage solutions for our customers all over the world."

The Story Behind the "Infinity" Logo

The unique angle of the new logo lies in its representation of BIWIN's infinite potential. It stands as a testament to the company's journey from its start-up days to becoming a publicly listed entity. The design captures the essence of infinite innovation, agility, and the courage that drives BIWIN's culture and operations.

"The infinity symbol within our logo is a powerful representation of our belief in endless possibilities and our path forward," noted Sam Sun, Chairman at BIWIN. "We are excited to share this new emblem with our partners, customers, and the global community, as we continue our mission to innovate and lead in the storage and memory industry."


BIWIN is a global leader in storage and memory solutions, offering a wide range of products for embedded, industrial, and consumer markets. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, BIWIN continues to push the boundaries of technology, delivering high-quality solutions that meet the evolving needs of customers worldwide.

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Source: BIWIN Storage Technology Co., Ltd.
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