Brescia Community in Italy accepts face masks donation made by Daddybaby from China

2020-05-25 13:48 863

BRESCIA, Italy, May 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On May 6, the Brescia Community in Italy received 22,000 civilian-use face masks, a donation made by Chinese company Daddybaby. Mr. Enrico Zampedri, the coordinator of the local committee of aiutiAMObrescia, voiced his gratitude to Daddybaby.

Mr. Zampedri, on behalf of the aiutiAMObrescia committee and the entire Brescia Community, appreciated the generous donation made by Daddybaby and the company's chairman Mr. Lin Bin. He said in the letter that it was because of the timely help by Daddybaby that many organizations of the Brescia community could cope up with the situation to fight against the Covid-19 outbreak locally. The donated face masks have been shared with many aid associations and nursing homes. It is reported that this batch of civilian-use face masks have been shipped to Italy and have been distributed to local residents.

Daddybaby is a Chinese company which focuses on manufacturing diaper products. In January this year, COVID-19 cases were first reported. Daddybaby, in just 16 days, transformed some of its production lines to produce civilian-use face masks. These products satisfy China's production standards for civilian use face masks. Over the past few months, Daddybaby has provided over 30 million face masks to the Chinese people and has donated over 5 million face masks to people in many other countries.

During this pandemic, China and Italy can succeed only by working together. Daddybaby will continue its efforts to support the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and provide healthcare assistance to the people around the world.

Source: Daddybaby