Cachet Asset Management to Lead the Latest Round of Funding for ProTom International Holding Company

Bringing the World-leading Proton Therapy Technology to the Mass Market
Cachet Asset Management Limited
2019-02-26 19:22 2307

HONG KONG, Feb. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Cachet Asset Management Limited ("CAM") is pleased to announce today that it has been appointed as investment adviser to ProTom International Holding Company ("ProTom or the "Company"), the most advanced proton therapy technology company in the world that offers focused proton therapy treatments to cancer patients through its Radiance 330® Proton Therapy System ("Radiance 330®"). Proton therapy is a radiation treatment capable of targeting tumors with high precision, enabling radiation oncologists to destroy tumors while sparing normal tissues, thereby reducing side effects and improving long-term therapeutic results for patients.

ProTom is currently marketing and distributing Radiance 330®, which has received approval from the Food and Drugs Administration of the United States as a superior radiation technology for treating cancer. The first therapeutic facility has been installed at the world's renowned hospital for cancer treatment, Massachusetts General Hospital ("MGH") in Boston. MGH is a world leader in advanced radiation oncology. Radiance 330® allows the facility to realize sharing of clinical staff, ancillary equipment and in-patient support areas. The facility is undergoing the final testing stage and is expected to commence operation in mid-2019.

Angela Chow, CEO of CAM, said, "ProTom's Radiance 330® is a disruptive technology that significantly reduces costs and installation lead time for the proton therapeutic facility while improving therapeutic results and the quality of rehabilitation life for patients. ProTom's Radiance 330® is the only scalable and most affordable proton therapy option for adoption in the mass market segment. We consider our commitment to ProTom as a unique opportunity to introduce cutting edge technology to benefit more cancer patients in need, who have not been able to afford such treatments due to  the steep costs under previous methods of administering proton therapy." Ms. Chow emphasized that CAM's financial services will help ProTom ultimately drive the development and market deployment of technology products, which is coherent with its faith in making the world a better place through socially responsible and sound financial management.

"ProTom has long-standing partnerships with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Bates Research and Engineering Center, Massachusetts General Hospital. We shall continue to showcase to the world Radiance 330® as the next generation solution for advanced proton therapy treatment for cancer patients," said Steve Spotts, the founder of ProTom. "We are very excited for this opportunity to provide a cost-effective solution to MGH in our joint efforts in fighting cancer and developing better treatments. We look forward to expanding the application of this proprietary technology of ours throughout Asia and beyond U.S. to save more patients."


Source: Cachet Asset Management Limited