Can a Start-Up Succeed in Building China-Australian Friendship?

On March 1, 2018, 100 Young Innovators from Australia and China Started 100 days of Training to Build the Bridge between their Two Countries.

SYDNEY, March 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- From 1 March to the end of June, 100 innovators from China and Australia will participate in the third iteration of the China Australia Millennial Project (CAMP) Summit. They will travel, develop their skills in cross-cultural leadership and communication, make new cross-border connections, and learn how to build a new business from scratch.

China Australia Millennial Project (CAMP) has won the ‘Business Excellence for Sustainability, Diversity and Social Responsibility’ category in AustCham’s ‘Australia-China Business Awards’.
China Australia Millennial Project (CAMP) has won the ‘Business Excellence for Sustainability, Diversity and Social Responsibility’ category in AustCham’s ‘Australia-China Business Awards’.

Structure of the program:

CAMPx2018 is focused on innovation, leadership and cross-cultural development. The program adopts an unseen and disrupting structure.

Participants are placed into teams of four for the 100 days of the blended face-to-face and online program. CAMPx2018 partners and sponsors, such as EY, Alibaba, Swisse and Wesfarmers, provide teams with cross-border challenges. Each team works as a thinktank to explore the issue and pitch a solution in the form of a start-up that can operate independently or be integrated into the partner or sponsor's business.

By joining CAMP, participants get a team, a mentor and 90 days of online training. These are the keys needed for them to discover their potential and build a "new me." Additionally, participants will spend one week in Beijing and one week in Sydney. The Beijing week is an innovation tour, focusing on the vibrant network of incubators and start-ups of the city. Sydney week is a pitching bootcamp. Participants will learn how to articulate their ideas and convince their audience to invest into their project. A competition is organised during the last days of the Sydney week to reward the most innovative and doable project.

CAMP x 2018 is the third edition of the award-winning training.

Program Details:

Start: 1st of March
Finish: 30th of June
Beijing Week: 16th- 21st April
Sydney week: 11-15th  June

A Few words about CAMP (China-Australia Millennial Project):

CAMP is an Australian-Chinese company which aims to build the bridge between China and Australia through innovation. Each year CAMP organises a 100 day training program for 100 participants. Young innovators are placed in teams to learn about how to solve global issues through travels in Australia and China, mentorship and challenges.

Being heralded as part of the solution to 'future-proofing' Australia, CAMP is equipping the next generation of Australian entrepreneurs with the Asia literacy and networks required to navigate the country's most important economic relationship -- that with China.

The award-winning cross-border innovation program unites dynamic young leaders who are passionate about business, social innovation and strengthening the Australia-China relationship, and provides them the tools to address real-world global challenges.

CAMP is proudly powered by Swisse, Macquarie University, EY, Alibaba, China Eastern, City of Sydney and the federal government's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade via the Australia-China Council.

Participants' Profiles:

Carna Feldtmann is a 24-year-old social entrepreneur from Wollongong, Australia. She is the founder of Future of Food Initiative - a social enterprise that focuses on developing sustainable, scalable, high-tech solutions to overcome food insecurity and to empower vulnerable communities through the provision of work opportunities in green-tech. She has a particular focus on Aeroponics (growing plants in thin air!).

Sai Li is a development and communications specialist. As a certified Project Management Professional, Sai works with corporate foundation and NGO for quality education in rural China. Previously, Sai was the Deputy Digital Communications Director of Germany's biggest publishing group in China. Holding a certificate in Social Sector Leadership from Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley and Philanthropy University, Sai also brings her expertise to Africa and Asia.

David Liu is a Risk Analyst working at Westpac in Retail Credit Portfolio Management and has completed a Bachelor of Business at the University of Technology, Sydney. Although he was born and grew up in Australia, he was one day deeply inspired by Chinese culture and since then has made a commitment to learn as much as possible related to it.

How to join CAMP?

Applications are open online from September until February each year (the program starts in March). Due to CAMP's training reputation, applicants naturally come through CAMP's website ( or different social media platforms (Facebook, WeChat, or Instagram). CAMP welcomes all applicants regardless of their educational or professional background. They highlight innovators with a bright vision of their future. The CAMP alumni pool is comprised of researchers, social innovators, managers, entrepreneurs, graduates and more - both from China and Australia.

CAMP CEO, Andrea Myles, 100 words bio:

Andrea Myles loves China. Since travelling there as a young backpacker in 2002 on her first ever adventure overseas, she has gained two bilingual Masters degrees in Chinese business & culture, has lived in China for 5+ years, worked on social enterprise programs in regional China, headed up the Australia China Business Council. In 2014 she was named one of Australia's 100 Most Influential Women by Westpac and the Australian Financial Review. In 2015 Andrea won a UTS Alumni Award for Excellence for her latest startup, the China Australia Millennial Project, connecting innovation ecosystems in both nations.

Contact information:

Wechat: AndreaMyles  

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Source: China Australia Millennial Project (CAMP)